Why this is the Best Baby Carrier?

Best Infant Baby Carrier for new moms

Why this is the Best Baby Carrier on the market. First off it works, babies like it, it’s easy to put on, it’s comfortable for both mom and baby. Also, it’s one less thing for a new mom to worry about because babies love to snuggle and they’ll love the Abiie Huggs contour. This baby carrier does just what it says it does, it hugs the baby with the comfiest hug, happiest hug.

If you’re a new mom, undeniably your plate is full. You may have no time to eat your meal but your plate is fuller than it’s ever been; and you’ve somehow become a juggler balancing out your mom adventures of the daily. You subconsciously know that it’s time to feed your body a couple ounces of nourishment, and yet are pulled away to attend to this, that, and the advice of fifty friends insisting they have the only advice that matters.

They know about the best products, and they’re recommendations are on point, except you may not have time to listen to them. And then there’s always that one friend that doesn’t remember anything, has no defined recommendations, but insists that your consumerism towards your baby is pointing in the right direction.

Here it goes, these are the reasons that this baby carrier will make your mom life easier!

  1. It’s super easy to put on. There are so many carriers out there that look good, seem like they would be a good fit, up until you make the purchase. Only to open it up and be baffled with where you need to tie the carrier; you have no choice but to take it with you to mommy and me and hope that one of the other moms knows what to do. This is not the case with the Abiie. The Abiie hugs carrier is super easy, it just clicks in two places and you’re ready to go. Moms need easy breazy with everything.
  2. It has a built in seat. This baby carrier has a built in seat perfectly positioned for babies comfort. Babies are so comfy it’s easy for them to fall asleep and there’s no worry of them being crunched up in there. One less thing for a mom to think about.
  3. This baby carrier was created to prevent hip dysplasia for babies. The seat keeps the babies hips in the proper position providing a healthy sitting position for babies.
  4. This carrier allows parents to have easy access and a full hands on connection. What does this even mean? It means that it’s easy to adjust the baby while you’re wearing them. The baby is not scrunched, and the breathable mess and snap on mobility lets you customize your trip while you’re wearing the baby. There’s no need to take the baby out, and put them back in. If somethings not right, everything adjusts easily.
  5. It’s so comfy, babies can easily fall asleep in the Hugg.

If you’re looking for the perfect baby carrier for yourself, wife, friend, or anyone pregnant, the Abiie Huggs is the way to go. Click here to shop the post!


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Best Infant Baby Carrier for new moms

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