Interview with Emeraude Toubia: Land of Simply Fashion Blogger Conference

Who What Wear Simply Blogger Conference in Los Angeles

In the land of Simply fashion blogger conference is an opportunity for fashion bloggers, influencers, and digital opportunists to connect and learn the tips of the trade. This maybe one of the reasons that it’s one of the most coveted blogger conferences around, the second is that it’s just plain fun. It’s a day of fun in the sun, networking, socializing and indulging in fun instagrammable moments. Yes, it’s a time to get those Instagram stories in, and put on your best foot forward because Simply fashion blogger conference is a cute affair, as in everyone attending is looking there cutest.

I was thrilled to have been invited to attend and will share the ins and outs of what this blogger day out looked like. First off, the morning started pretty early. While some people use their Saturday mornings to catch up on sleep from the weeks grind, Simply fashionistas were up bright and early looking glam, and ready to start the day with a breakfast to kick of the day’s festivities. The morning breakfast was a great opportunity to network and meet the other attendees. Bloggers, marketing directors, and attendees from all over the US chatted over Peet’s Coffee, delicious Sambazon acai bowls: the almond butter touch was perfect, and Purely Elizabeth oatmeal and granola.

Following breakfast, the first keynote speaker was Shadowhunters, actress Emeraude Toubia. She spoke with Simply founder Sarah Boyd about following your dreams, and keeping a clear vision of what your goals are, and going after them. She gave examples of her situation when she came to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and pretty much communicated the message that one must not give up to easily, and really work towards their goals. The audience definitely looked inspired, and followed up with numerous questions.

Following her panel I interviewed  Emeraude Toubia and we talked fashion, fitness, and more inspo!

Annette:  I loved your interview, you’re so inspirational! You look amazing, can you tell us a little bit about your fitness routine? What do you do every morning?

Emeraude Toubia: I try to do hot yoga. I love it, and I think it relaxes me but at the same time I’m doing exercise. It’s called core power yoga, I drink a lot of water, I do oatmeal’s in the morning, I love to do eggs. You know I do have my pizzas every once in a while but not all the time.

Annette: So you’re pretty healthy?

Emeraude Toubia: Slightly, I just feel like you shouldn’t push yourself so hard and not eat because then you’re just going to want it more. I just feel like the trick is to just cut down a little. For example if you have ten cokes a day, cut down and have four instead. If you have two cokes a day, you can cut down to one and then reduce it further to every week.

Annette: Exactly, and your dress is so gorgeous today! What are you wearing?

Emeraude Toubia: I’m wearing Blumarine.

Annette: I love Bluemarine, it looks so flowy and princess like. What would you say is your style?

Emeraude Toubia: It just depends. I love jeans and a t-shirt with some heels, I love gold dresses, schick, cute, and somewhat sexy sometimes, you know why not! Who tells us we can’t be sexy.

Annette: And your party style in terms of fashion. Do you always like this style dress or do you like to mix it up?

Emeraude Toubia: I like to mix it up. You’ll see tomorrow what I choose to wear to the Teen Choice Awards. Maybe I think I’m different but I’m really the same.

Annette: Some words of inspiration for the people who enjoy watching you. And for the people who want to become an actress, or if they don’t want to be actress thoughts on pursuing their dreams.

Emeraude Toubia: Educate yourself, be the best person you can be, preparation is very important. Don’t think that just because you look or certain way or you know someone, that’s going to be enough, show people how talented you are. Your talent is what’s going to take you places.

Annette: Great, and any plans coming up once the show is over?

Emeraude Toubia: Yes, things are in the works.

Things are in the works, things are always in the works for those that pursue their talent. Talent really does come in various forms, you can be a talented teacher, photographer, artist, physician, whatever you passion/career or hobby is, in order to cultivate it you must prepare. Emeraude gave a great angle of perception for fashionista bloggers who are working towards cultivating their brand, hobby, business, or newfound interest.

What’s great about this blogger conference is that it serves many in various ways. You can learn marketing strategies while simultaneously learn how to shake a grey goose martini. Everyone is diversified, some come for the panels and others come for the Sugarfina sugar lips. They are both equally important because if it brings you towards a smile, then you’ve created a memory that will brighten your day. If you learn something new, you will take it with you on your journey of success while you cultivate your talent, discover, and grow your passion.

Always step forward with the stylish sparkle in your step!

Who What Wear Simply Blogger Conference in Los Angeles

Styling the conference at Who What Wear, haven’t had Sour Patch Kids in the longest time.

Who What Wear Shoes at The Americano Simply Blogger Conference in LA

Sarah Boyd and Emeraude Toubia at Simply Blogger Conference

Emeraude Toubia at Simply Blogger Conference

With Emeraude Toubia

Sambazon Acai bowl with almond butter

Acai: Born of the Amazon

Foster Grant Sunglasses at Simply Blogger Conference in LA Fashion Influencers Event

Trying on these cool Foster Grant Sunglasses!

Style Trends Simply Blogger Conference LA

Grey Goose showed attendees how to mix a martini!

BH Cosmetics Beauty Trends 2018 at Simply Blogger Conference

BH Cosmetics gifted influencers with this gorgeous eyeshadow palette.

Luna Bars at the Americana Simply Blogger Conference for Style Influencers

Luna Bars were on point helping everyone pinpoint and define there negotiator style! How apropos, after all this is a blogger conference, SIMPLY put.

I Was Wearing: Speechless Dress (Similar Here) / Pierre Hardy Sandals / Pink Hat

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  1. What a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, I wish we had the same in Italy!
    It takes very little to create a 70s outfit: a maxi-dress by Manuela Pardu with a fancy print, a vintage belt and ultra-flat sandals. And for once I am with my hair tied back, I could not tame it!

  2. says: PerlaGiselle

    What a fun event! I love seeing when bloggers connect with each other in real life. I honestly don’t know how I would do because I am such an introvert lol You have a new follower on Instagram btw! <3

    -PerlaGiselle |

    P.S. I will be hosting a giftcard giveaway on my Instagram page this week! Let’s follow each other!

  3. says: Mica

    Looks like such a fun event! I’m glad you had a great time there and got to do an interview as well! 🙂 Very cool.

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂 We went to a strawberry farm yesterday with the boys which was so fun 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. says: Emily

    Ahh I would love to attend something like this – it looks like such a fun event and what great weather for it too! I really liked the interview element with Emeraude that you included. I’ll be honest that I didn’t know who she was so will definitely be going to check her out!

    Musings & More

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