Emmys Luxury Gifting Lounge Presented by GBK & Pilot Pen

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Sometimes style is like a blush of color, your visual signature and the ultimate sparkle in your fabulous step. It’s an adventure that not only travels the red carpet, but strolls uptown towards the adventures of the dailies, award shows and Emmy gifting lounges. Now I wouldn’t say that Emmy Awards season is a casual adventure, but it is an exciting one where we celebrate TV and the stars that entertain us on the adventures of the daily. Emmy weekend unfolded with a number of events, including the GBK & Pilot Pen Luxury Lifestyle gift lounge event held at the L’Hermitage hotel in Beverly Hills.

The day was filled with rooftop views of sunny LA day where summer is pretty much still in season. Pilot Pen gifted attendees a colorgram of pens, showcased their new collection of long lasting pens, and had a doodle station to practice your penmanship. Truth is you never know when you’ll need to jot down a note or two or ten, one must always be prepared. Speaking of prepared there was a company called allocacoc that gifted a different standard, that is literally their package verbiage “a different standard” consisting of a power cube and USB in one. This is actually an awesome creation, saves space and is a great way to reduce the clutter, they even come in a variety of colors for color minded enthusiasts.

Next, the Artisan Group was on location showcasing hand crafted jewelry, soaps, cosmetics and more; they gifted attendees a gift bag full of an amazing assortment of artisan goods. The stationary gift and pilot pen will definitely work well together at some point soon!

Swimline makes you want summer to always be a festive playground because they were on location gifting blow up pizza, black swan, pink swan and everything that reminds you of some relax and relaxation. Grab your beachbag and water bottle, but first filter through Mavea, as they were also on location showcasing their apropos water filter systems. Stay hydrated; beyond the creams it’s the secret ingredient to radiant skin.

Now what does one wear to a celebrity gifting lounge? Style is always about wearing what you love, beyond the red carpet, celebs and fashion favorites lining up the red carpet; you define style. I chose to wear what looks like a dress but is actually a two piece floral outfit by Single Dress. I loved the material and how it’s just so free and flowy. As for the print, florals are always a favorite.

emmys 2016 celebrity gifting lounge blogger fashion style







I Was Wearing: Single Dress Floral Two Piece Skirt & Top / Miu Miu Sunnies

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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