Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving

MAC Makeup Beauty Gifts 2020

This holiday season give the gifts that keep on giving! What does it mean when you present a gift that keeps on giving, it means that it has plenty of use and can be enjoyed over and over again. The success of amazing gift giving is discovering items that entertain, amuse, and are useful in the moment or long term. Cheers to the guide that keeps on giving. Here’s to holiday cheer, gorgeous gifts, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you unwrap something that excites you. It’s fun to discover a gift that someone will truly enjoy, cheers to discovering something new.

Paris In Bloom Book

Paris in Bloom transports you into a floral adventure through the lens of flowers that shares a glimpse into the Parisian lifestyle. Paris is known for museums, architecture and romance. Paris in Bloom is a budding floral adventure that is the ultimate blooming tour guide.

London In Bloom Book

Georgianna Lane is the author of both Paris in Bloom and London in Bloom, as she takes you on a floral tour through London. There is even a section in the book where she guides the reader on how to prepare their own London flower bouquet. Anyone with a floral week spot will enjoy this book over and over again. London in Bloom and Paris in Bloom are the books that keep on giving inspirational creativity and potential to discover floral beauty in bloom.

MAC Holiday Edition Cosmetics / Makeup

MAC Holiday Makeup is not only packaged elegantly, but will surely keep on giving beautiful highlighted cheekbones, radiant eyes, and plenty of time to be your own makeup artist. The budding array of eyeshadows, lipsticks and extra dimension skinfinish which is just a term for bronzer or highlighter are essentials for makeup enthusiasts. Giving the gift of MAC makeup is a happy reminder of holiday time all year long. The limited edition package sets are fun, pretty, and surely a holiday exclusive. For the Glow-Getter on everyone’s list.

EverEden Soothing Belly Mask

EverEden Soothing Belly Mask is perfect for the mama to be that wants to revive with a little relax and relaxation. Give the gift of pampering and self-care this holiday season!

Learn To Build Jewelry

Learn to Build Jewelry is an intriguing game for kids who love to create and use their imagination. Kids love playing with jewelry and the learning to build jewelry activity set gives them the creative angle to create and be baseline jewels. This 400 piece set is perfect for building necklaces, bracelets, or ring in a variety of colors including glitter pieces, becaue who doesn’t like to sparkle and shine.

Sweet Street Makeup Compact

This one stop compact is made in Los Angeles and can take your look from day to night with a little shimmer and neutral tones all in one compact.

Hasty Baker

Keep family nights interesting, fun, and tasteful with Hasty Baker Card Game. Perfect for kids and even adults! Make a night out of it with a fun card game centered around baking; the gift that keeps things fun.

Baby Bum Duke’s Essential Gift Set For a Baby, Toddler, or Child

This is the cutest baby set that comes with a little monkey stuffed toy. This gift makes bathtime extra playful and gentle, perfect gift for a mama to be or a mom that already has kids. The set includes a shampoo and body wash in one, toy monkey, everyday lotion, and a hand sanitizer. Enjoy the gift of clean with the Baby Bum Duke’s essential gift set.

Playful Pandas

It’s no secret that kids love adorable cute Pandas, Playful Pandas are just that: cute and giggly. It’s the little toy that laughs, giggles, sings and moves playfully. Get ready for a panda response with this fun interactive stuffed panda for children 3 and up.

OXO Four Piece Adjustable Drawer Bin Set

Giving the gift of organization is a keeper. This may very well accommodate their new years resolution, equating to the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Staying organized, clean, and motivated all year long.

MAC Makeup Beauty Gifts 2020

Ever Eden Soothing Belly Mask For Pregnant Women

Learn To Build Jewelry Toys For Kids

Sweet Street Makeup Eyeshadow Compact Neutral Tones for everyday

Baby Bum Ultimate Gift Set Essentials for a Newborn baby and toddler

Playful Pandas Singing toys

Organize your drawer OXO

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