Thirsty For Brunch At The Thirsty Merchant

Fashion Blogger at Thirsty Merchant Brunch in Los Angeles

I always look forward to brunching on the weekends, it’s a fun time to reflect, relax and discover a culinary sensation that doesn’t end in a pile of dishes. It’s exciting to discover a new spot, peruse the menu, order drinks, and spend the weekend brunching while topping off rose all day. That’s why I was thrilled when the Thirsty Merchant invited me to a tasting of their weekend brunch. From champagne wishes, to pancake dreams, it was a day of froze rose, and cocktails to accommodate a weekend brunch ambiance.

This restaurant bar is nestled in the heart of Valley Village. If you’re wondering where exactly Valley Village is, it’s near Studio City in Los Angeles, just think of the studios. The Thirsty Merchant is a seemingly new Valley hot spot, also known as a gem for the locals that have discovered it. It’s a fun place with charm, character, and a pool table. I really enjoyed the outdoor area for brunch, it’s nice for dates: because you can talk and actually hear each other, families: because they have games for kids and/or adults, and group gatherings: because the tables are long. They also have tables that are not so long and perched high, bar style or low, to accommodate the classic restaurant style.

Now lets talk about the culinary experience, this is the real reason to visit The Thirsty Merchant; you could tell the chef tried hard because every dish was both delightful and pleasing to the pallet. We started the meal with Louisiana Bang Bang Shrimp featuring a Cajun spicy shrimp cocktail served with a house remoulade. It wasn’t overbearingly spicy, it had the perfect balance of spice to savor our way to the next array of dishes. We ordered a number of entrées including avocado toast, salmon toast, steak tips and lemon curd pancakes.

We were definitely feeling the savory flavors and treated the lemon curd pancakes as our dessert. Usually I can identify a favorite dish, but I equally liked them all. They were so different and delicious it’s really a tough call. I will paint a picture of the avocado toast: toast with avocado, lemon, red pepper, sesame seed and an easy poached egg on top that perfectly spilled over the toast. Both the salmon toast and avocado toast was accompanied by their signature arugula salad, which was a perfect addition to the toast.

Besides the food being stellar, the atmosphere and décor is so fun and inviting. If you’re traveling to LA or a local looking for a cool new brunch spot, I’m sure Thirsty Merchant will elevate your taste buds, and give you something new to talk about.

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Fashion Blogger at Thirsty Merchant Brunch in Los Angeles

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