Beach Sand Mermaids and SEXY Hair Bet You Want to Know What’s Next

Sexy Hair Mermaid Hairstyles Hair Trends 2014

There’s a little mermaid in all of us, and a merman waiting to get a glimpse of that Sexy Hair that we like to damsel to perfection. Yes summer is officially in full swing. Which means that pina-coladas are everywhere, you’ve got some type of beach waves going on, and if you’re really planning on going all the way glam with your locks you’re in for a Fashion Trend Forward treat. Because, regardless of whom you want to impress, you should always start with yourself, your locks and of course you willingness to be fabulous!

Fashion Trend Forward is bringing you a Sexy Hair and Project Mermaids contest to discover and unlock your hair creativity. What is Project Mermaid looking for? Sexy Hair of course, combined with a unique edge that inspires gorgeous , ocean beach glam!

Go ahead and put your creative caps on because like Elle Woods once said in Legally Blond, I’m not afraid of a challenge! And you shouldn’t be either. So here’s a compilation of Sexy Hair tips to create that perfect mermaid inspired do, giving you the ultimate edge when entering the contest! Good Luck and lets get on the pro tips ready to style file mermaid hairstyles that will turn heads in the ultimate wow factor of beauty!

After all you deserve wavy, beautiful and SEXY HAIR!

At Home Hair Advice to Achieve Stunning Mermaid Wave BY Sexy Hair

1.      To create a sexy mermaid style wave to your hair using a curling iron, start with dry or second day hair, this will help the waves stay in place longer.

2.      Flip head over and spray a heat protectant like Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect all over. Avoid using a mousse or gel because this will remove the natural wave texture and make the final look appear too crunchy.
3.      Part hair into two sections, top and back. Clip the top part of your hair and start creating curls in the back and work your way forward. With a 1 ≤ inch curling iron wrap hair around the iron without opening the clamp; this will help achieve a looser wave instead of tight curls. Hold the iron in the hair for about 6 seconds before releasing.

4.      Once curls are completed, finger comb and toss hair while spraying it lightly with a flexible hold hairspray like Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable. Do not use a comb or a brush because this may undo the natural look of the wave pattern.

Additional Tips I’d love to share is that if you’re hair is naturally curly like mine, second day hair is probably less of an option. I also suggest, just washing it and putting a dime size amount of the Curly Sexy Curling Cream in to let it air dry. After it air dries, get creative with braids, sparkly pins and your touch of under the sea to highlight the sparkle that is your hair! Can’t wait to see the pics.

How to Enter? Create and submit a photo of your best mermaid hair. The top 20 winners will be selected based on creativity, originality and following the theme. The contest must be entered on the Facebook page: & the last day to enter is August 11, 2014. 


What do you Win? Contestants will then be narrowed down to the most beautiful and innovative mermaid hair style and be flown to Los Angeles to receive both a two night stay and two part mermaid themed photo shoot. If you’re under the sea festive glam in the mood to win, then be prepared to attend the Project Mermaid book launch party and gallery showing; because your mermaid musings are just beginning!

Sexy Hair Mermaid Hairstyle Contest Summer Hair trends

Sexy Hair Beach Waves Mermaid Sexy Hair Contest

Summer Hair Beach Waves Sexy Hair Mermaid Contest

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Enjoy Your Beach Waves and Enter To Win

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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