Interview With JuvaLips Founder: How to Get Plump Lips Without the Fillers

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It’s less than one week away from Thanksgiving and beauty is on my mind. After next week’s turkey festivities come holiday parties, glitz, glam and beauty essentials to get the season going. One hot trend this season is luscious plump lips. Lets face it, this is an ongoing trend that’s continuously a hot topic every season, because what girl doesn’t want full, beautiful lips. So if you’re wondering how to get plump lips without the fillers and injectables, wonder no more because newly released Juvalips prides itself with producing fuller plumper lips.

Last week I sat down with CEO and Founder, Gina Frederickson of JuvaLips to talk about this hot new products. It’s seriously one of those products that girls will discover and probably never want to let go.

Annette: Tell us about what sparked the creation of Juva Lips?

Gina Fredrickson: I’ve been in the beauty industry for many years and always loved the beauty industry. I’ve always had a fascination with lips, and started Juva Lips a couple years ago, started the process by researching and developing the product. I was inspired by the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, and wanted to find the best solution for creating plump, luscious lips without fillers or bruising. I had a friend who was an engineer, and shared my idea with him, and together we started working on developing the product.

Annette: How long has it been in the making?

Gina Fredrickson: It’s been about 3 years in the making and recently launched in January 2017.

Annette: Once somebody purchases Juva Lips, how often do you suggest they use it daily, or what is the ideal time during the day to use it?

Gina Fredrickson: It kind of depends what type of results they are wanting to achieve. If they’re looking for long-term results, I suggest they use it on a daily basis. Morning and night, that’s how I use it. Then you could put some lipstick on and your lips are ready to go for the day.

Annette: Who do you suggest Juva Lips for? What type of girl should use this?

Gina Fredrickson: Any girl who wants to feel beautiful and wants that natural lift. You get the plump without surgeries, doctor visits, the all natural way. You could just do it right in your bathroom at home, adding it into your daily routine. In the long term effects, it really does make your lips noticeably plumper.

Annette: How long should users keep it on their lips for?

Gina Fredrickson: It is a sixty second time treatment.

Annette: Wow that’s super quick. Well your lips look amazing, you definitely look like an active user of JuvaLips.

There you have it the one stop to plumper, fuller lips without surgery or fillers. It has a soft contoured piece, removable mouthpiece and really incorporates easily into any morning or evening routine.

Get Beautiful Plump Lips Now with the JuvaLips Lip Plumper

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 how to get plump lips without fillers JuvaLips

JuvaLips Founder, Gina Fredericks

JuvaLips Founder Gina Fredericks

Founder Gina Fredericks and Juva Lips model how to use Juva Lips

JuvaLips Model, Sarah, after using Juva Lips and applying a striking red lip.

JuvaLips Model after using Juva Lips

Makes for a hot holiday gift this season!

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