Do It Yourself Runway French Tip Manicure With imPress

Hot holiday Nail trends straight from the Runway Press on French tip with glitter tops

As you know I’m no stranger to backstage beauty at New York Fashion Week, it is here where trends prepare and introduce us to what’s new, hot, happening on both the fashion and beauty radar. After all you can’t wear an up and coming dress with outdated makeup or mismatched shoes. Well maybe you can but suggestions are always welcoming to bring you to what’s fashionably worth discovering.

So with the holidays right around the corner, I’ve got lead manicurist Holly Falcone backstage at Alon Livne talking about what’s sizzling in nail trends. By now you know how much I adore architectures and spaces, as nails this season are set to dazzle to post modern shapes. The Alon Livne collection combined with Kiss Impress nail trends was inspired by postmodern architect Michael Havemeyer’s vision of underwater sea creatures. If you’re working on fathoming a correlation between underwater creatures and nails, it really has to do with the natural tones and glimmer of the sea that play up colors to blend the lines and shapes trend.

Prepping the impress Kiss Nails Press On Manicure By Holly Falcone


  1. Select the correct size impress medium length nails to fit each nail.
  2. Prep nails with a pad to remove all excess oils
  3. Peel off and press on impress


  1. File nails, tapering at the tip to create the desired almond shape. (Almond shaped nails are definitely on trend this season)


  1. Paint over the white French tip on the impress Nail with the Kiss Nail Artist paint in silver, leaving a thin white line at the top.
  2. Finish with Kiss quick dry top coat for quick dry.

The products used backstage at Alon Livne were: impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails in Vexed & Vicious & Kiss Nail Artist and Stencil Kit in Gala

imPress Press on Manicure French tip press on manicure hot nail trends from the runway

Almond Shaped hot holiday nail trends 2014 Press on French Manicure

Hot holiday Nail trends straight from the Runway Press on French tip with glitter tops


Go ahead and paint your nails beautiful for holiday cheer and beauty excitement right from the runway!

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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