Kiss Kiss Summer Eyes Deserve a Bit of Drama don’t you think!

This summer is all about extravagances, with that in mind why not bring a little drama to your eyes. After all Gucci presented the big bold ruffle giving it a postmodern flair, hike up your mascara a notch and try a fun full lash look with Kiss Ever EZ lashes. If you’re looking to create a full strip of lashes for a night out on the town then the Kiss EverEZLashes may be the answer you’re looking for; they’re relatively inexpensive starting at just $3.99, are lightweight and made from 100% human hair.

Sometimes a fashion trend forward girl just wants to experiment with something new and different. Lash up your eyes for a longer, fuller way to bring a little or a lot of drama to your eyes.

Play up your eyes with summer fun beauty trending!


Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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