Kiss Your Nails It’s a Jungle Out There

Summer 2014 Manicure Nail Trends Kiss Nail Dress

It’s a jungle out there and its time to kiss your nails pretty every single day! Why? Simply because pretty nails are a fab way to spice things up, to make you feel great, getting the rest of your outfit in tip top shape. In addition to that rocking smile you’ve already got on, it’s still summer and with summer comes your beach tan glow. I hope you remember to always wear sunscreen as I pointed out in my previous posts, because healthy skin always comes first.

So if you notice the wild design of my nails, your first question will probably be: wow did she really paint that on herself? I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s a lot easier that you think. It’s fast and is easy breasy Kiss Nail Dress press on manicure stickers that yes, actually stay on. I received these Kiss Nail Dress manicure to try and share; and after wearing them for almost a week can honestly recommend them as a fun way to spice up your mani.

It’s easy to apply, just peel, apply over your nail, trim and file down. Advice I can share based on my own experience of applying it, is make sure to flatten it across the entire nail. For example, start at the cuticle and press it over your entire nail, as if you’re lifting it before pressing it down in one easy press. Additional conveniences of Kiss Nail Dress that even surprised me what that it came with a mini nail filer, which you could conveniently carry in your purse. Also, it’s really easy to remove, just peel and go; no nail polish remover necessary.

Love all the fun designs, if you’ve tried it! Would love to know which design you went for or what your favorite manicure trend has been this summer?

Happy Summer Happy August


Summer 2014 Manicure Nail Trends Kiss Nail Dress

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