Paul Martin American Grill Brings Foodie Adventures To Pasadena


Food is the enthusiasm of your smile, a touch of comfort, a martini, and an ambiance that quickly suggests you relax, distress and enjoy everything that is happening now, in this moment. After all isn’t going out all about vibing while discovering something new? Not only is the holiday season here, but it’s Friday and that means it’s time to kick back, explore, and Pasadena definitely has a lot of opportunity for food exploration. So start exploring by stopping by Paul Martin American Grill, providing a fab opportunity to indulge delicious cuisine in charming Pasadena. Enjoy and take a stroll; because not only will you find your favorite classics on the menu, but you’ll delight in something new, something fun and happening beyond a cocktail or two.

I was invited to Paul Martin to dine and explore their newest location; welcome along my food tour as I talk décor, culinary creations and dish about my favorites. Before we dive right into the menu, lets talk ambience. The décor was very modern, clean, seemingly inspired by a vision of an open space where the bar unfolds the middle of the restaurant, giving guests an opportunity to stay for a full meal or stop in for a drink. The restaurant offers a sleek modern experience where even the bar can be a fun place to chat, hang out and peruse the chef’s kitchen. Why the Chef’s Kitchen? Because although the kitchen is in the back of the restaurant it is open and a free show for all; so if you’re at all curious what they’re doing back there, just take a peek. The staff was very friendly and keen on prepping their dishes accordingly.

We started out with a round of drinks; beer for the boys and a cocktail on my end. Appetizers accompanied drinks as we ordered soup, shrimp and calamari. Shrimp was by far my fave, cooked to perfection. Next we ordered a series of steaks, fish and continued enjoying our foodie extravanganza capping off with desserts sweetness.

The Crème Brule was perfect, just like the motto, fine dining in a casual location. Jake Katsman, guest service manager shared a little about the Pasadena location, explaining that it’s the newest location of the Paul Martin restaurants. Opening it’s doors in January 2016, with a new location in Austin coming soon, the quality of food is what keeps guests excited about each grand opening. Check out the luxe dining sensation; there’s something for everyone and if you’re into the American classics, you’ll be in for a real treat.











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  1. says: Gabrielle

    The food looks delicious – and there really is no going wrong with a well-made Créme Brûlée; yum! I love your gigham top worn to this restaurant, by the way 🙂

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