What does Victoria Secret Model Candice Swanepoel Wear off the Runway when she’s not Modeling a $10 Million Bra

When watching the razzle dazzle of the amazing Victoria Secret Fashion show, one quickly get enticed by the seemingly genetically perfect woman good enough to be called Victoria’s Secret Angel’s. However, when the runway party is over and you’ve purchased the “very sexy” bra that promises to make your boobs look brighter than a visual engagement of fantasy like proportions…you begin to wonder what would the “Angels” wear off the runway to go with what’s underneath.

Realistically they can’t walk around with gigantic wings and glitter glam twenty four seven, they are in fact still human. With human needs, wants, and engineered to make intricate decisions like what they should change into after the show and what type of snack they should munch in between the excitement of backstage allure. If anyone is wondering, backstage at all fashion shows there is a galore of food, and contrary to popular belief models are right their munching like everyone else. They may make the decision to opt for the fruit instead of the muffin, nevertheless energy is gained and the show must go on. And after the show, the models must get dressed and put on their threads like the rest of the world would do.

So what does a Victoria Secret model wear off the runway? You’re about to see a first hand visual of Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel doing an interview with Pop Sugar wearing a seemingly conservative Keaton dress from Monica Rose for Lovers and Friends. By now you’ve probably seen a bevy of celebrities dressed in Lovers and Friends, it’s a laid back cool line that accentuates the body and will probably look perfect with the “very sexy” collection. Just look at that plunging V-Neck black blazer type mini dress Candice Swanepoel was wearing; it’s perfectly serious without the serious part.

I could only imagine picking out what to wear after modeling a $10 million Victoria Secret bra of majestic proportions is not easy!

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