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Dior Glam Girl Holiday Beauty Guide 2016

With the holidays only mere days away, it’s time to kick back and enjoy every moment beginning with you. That’s right, for a quick second, we’ll pause away from all the expectations and flurry of the holiday season and get you Dior glam ready. It’s time to be beautiful in perfect Dior style and indulge in meaningful you time; giving yourself the opportunity to discover new looks and possibilities. With New Years Eve quickly approaching, a new year of adventures awaits and that means the sparkle in your step must be up to par!

Come aboard the Dior Beauty Lineup and fill your beauty possibilities with gorgeous looks all year round beginning with The Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection. It’s simply radiant, perfect to gift or simply gift yourself because every beauty gal deserves shimmering, flamboyant, haute couture amongst their makeup favorites.

The Gold encased exquisite craftsmanship is outwardly as gorgeous on the outside, as it is when applied. It’s the kind of limited edition holiday gifts that you wouldn’t dare to miss! Why? Because it’s just so glam, a colorific experience that combines textures of matte , gloss, shine and an iridescent flow of shades to get you grooving to the holiday cheer. Kiss your lip shine hello, because the Diorific Matte Velvet Colour Lip and Cheek is the perfect duo to cover all your beauty basis.

Four Colors of Diorific Matte Velvet Colour Lip & Cheek Fluid

  • Pleasure: a coraly pink, perfect for a flirty day to night look.
  • Marvel: Bright as can be pink. Love this glam Lip and Cheek, perfect for a fun night on the town.
  • Treasure: With purple undertones, this lip blends in and is a must try for the adventurous girl that wants a perfect everyday look. It actually wears with hints of light pink.
  • Luxury: Bright Red, the color says it all. Enjoy, have fun and be your fabulous you all year round. But the Limited Edition is only until Holiday 2016 sells out. Oh how fun the holidays are!

Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow: A must for a gold glam Dior look. Line the eyes and press into the lid for a gold sparkle. Add a little mascara and your ready for the adventures of the dailies

Diorific Matte Velvet Colour Lipstick

  • Golden #065
  • Charm #440
  • Ravissement #560
  • Fascination #880
  • Splendor #950

With names like charm, golden and fascination, all you really have to do is take your imagination with you as you play with colors of 2016’s Dior Holiday. The Ravissement is a playful pinkish coral that’s an absolute must in every girls beauty drawer, especially if you’re as enthusiastic over pinks as I am; on the other hand you may opt into the Golden or Splendor variety. It truly is up to us to be inquisitive and play with different tones to find out which ones we love best, and of course it’s perfectly ok to like them all. It’s fun to spice up the makeup drawer and play with colors to discover what you always lean towards and are open to discovering

Diorific Vernis AKA The Most Sparkly Nail Polish for Holiday Glamour

  • Nova
  • Golden
  • Splendor
  • Cosmic

Whether your nails are in the mood for glittery glam or golden girl charm, you’re in for a treat with manicure must have colors this season. The splendor shade will have you splendid with holiday red and cosmic with a deep smoky purple. Can’t decide, change it up, one day your sparkly, the next red hot.

Let 2017 be a year of discovery that’s filled with lots of beauty adventures. Dior beauty glam encased in gold trimmings is the color collection of the year. Find you’re essentials, create the ideal smoky eye, and keep changing it up. Nobody ever said that you need a signature lip, it’s fun to be spontaneous and flow with the currents of your mood, outfit or fashion trend forward style! What you need is to find what you love for a modern yet glamorous beauty look.

Cheers to Holiday Colors and Holiday Splendor Dior Style!

Dior Holiday Beauty Gift Guide 2016

Dior Beauty Gift Guide 2016 Glamour Girls Ultimate Glam Guide

Dior Glam Girl Holiday Beauty Guide 2016


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