Food Industry Why is Our Addiction to Kale so Trendy?

Can we say 50 Shades of Kale without extracting the specific nutrient dense variety of green we’re planning to consume? I mean really, if restaurants don’t include kale on the menu, do they think “trendy” food aficionados are going to amend to a kaleless experience and take a chance on a spot that can’t keep up with demands. I didn’t think so; people have developed produce expectations, which include a satisfied kale addiction.

After all there is nothing wrong with wanting too much green! On the other hand one may presume that having a specific desire for a type of variety can be pushing the limit. But in reality there’s nothing wrong with educating oneself on the different flavors and varieties available. Kale is trendy, hot, hip, but it’s also healthy and great for a summer time glow.

Fresh on the Trendar: Kale is the new Celine bag on every “it girl’s” shoulder, so go ahead and be fashionable and shine from the inside out. Side affects may include: beautiful skin, a healthy summer glow, and a health conscious attitude!

Kale the trendiest food addiction for Proud Green Lovers

Kale the trendiest food addiction for Proud Green Lovers

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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