Yes You Can Win At Gifting The Foodie

How to gift the Foodie

The foodie loves to eat, indulge and enjoy the finer things. With these options below, yes you can win at gifting the foodie!


  1. For the foodie who loves Pate’s – Give the gift of indulgence with a Trois Petits Cochons pate gift basket. The three little pigs gift basket is perfect for the foodie afficianado who loves to bask in the French culinary favorites.

organic red ribbon pate gift basket

Image Provided By Trois Petits Cochons


  1. For the I heart Coffee in Every Way Possible – OXO coffee machine is the ultimate gift for satisfying the very necessary daily morning jolt. Not only will this coffee maker look great on your kitchen counter, but it regulates brew time, water temperature and volume to make the perfect cup of coffee. Every coffee lovers dream!

OXO Nine Cup Coffee Maker Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide 2017

Image Provided By OXO 

  1. To accompany the Coffee Lovers Dream – Chameleon Organic Coffee whole bean gift set with giant mug will be a perfect touch to accompany your morning café. The key to delicious coffee is quality, aromatic coffee beans. This is the perfect gift to accompany the coffee lovers dream team.

Chameleon Coffee Whole Bean Bundle with Mug Giftset

Image Provided By Chameleon

  1. A Sweet Tooth Must Be Satisfied – Delicious toffee is a luxury that should be gifted. If you know that this particular person has a massive sweet tooth, or even a knack for differentiating extravagant tastes, then they will truly appreciate B Toffee handcrafted from Newport beach, California. This west coast sensation will surely put the smile in dessert indulgence. Amazing toffee!

B Toffee From Newport Beach California Luxury Toffee Candy

  1. Discovering new ways to Cook Vegetarian Options – Even the title of this book already sounds romantic, “Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy.” There are moments where you’re hosting a party, cooking for your family and friends, and yes that included vegetarians. Here is your chance to impress the vegetarians while simultaneously preparing dishes for the lovely meat eaters as well. We’re all different, but many times it is our differences and unique flavors that bring us together, and Damaris Phillips, Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy is an amazing cook book that helps us discover new ways to be creative in the kitchen.

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy Cookbook


  1. The Tea Lovers Many Choices – This tea gift set will really ring a not with the tea enthusiast, we all know at least one. She prefers her orange Ceylon tea, he likes his Moroccan mint. This tea story in the form of a book comes with nine flavors from the classic earl grey to orange spice and more. It’s a more than just biscuits with tea, it’s a conversation piece. Now lets start chatting about our favorite teas!

Thoughtfully Gifts Tea lovers Gift Set

Image Provided By Thoughtfully Gifts

  1. The Cognac Connoisseurs Ultimate Choice – If you’re looking to gift luxury this season, the Courvoisier XO Cognac will be a huge hit. Great cognac is examined by a cognac connoisseur and is distinguished by how it rests on the pallet, how smooth it is, and the taste. This bottle of Courvoisier XO cognac will have you hitting a home run in gift giving this season.

The Cognac Connoisseurs Ultimate Choice Courvoisier XO Cognac

Go ahead indulge in Foodie Gift Giving because yes you can win at gifting the foodie!

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