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ab Five of the Holidays 2017 Fashion Blogger

It’s holiday time and that means holiday cheer, sparkle and a new series on Fashion Trend Forward called fab five will be going live well into 2018! Fab five will talk about the fab five of the seasons, moments, or anything new and fascinating that is happening. For this weeks segment of Fab five of the holidays, I’m sharing a few moments that really brightened the day and put a smile on it!

Cheers to a happy holiday season.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic 2017 Beauty Blog Trends

To my surprise I received this sweet gift from Pixi in the mail that read a sweet gift for you. I opened it up, only to discover that it’s a personalized glow tonic with my name on it. How cool is that? It read Annette’s glow tonic in pink; so thoughtful and fun to receive these type of surprises. With that in mind, when shopping for the holidays think about the way your gift will make someone feel. If you get excited about it, chances are they will too! Love this Pixi beauty cuteness.


Yardley London Bath Soaps 2017 Holiday Clean

I love the fresh scents of Yardley Soaps, if you’ve been keeping up, you see that it’s a product that I’ve used in the past. I just love how clean they feel, with scents like Honey Lemon, English Lavender, and Oatmeal & Almond, you may just get hooked. These are a few of my faves from the Yardley collection. The London based brand makes their soaps in America and has an amazing price point of just $4.39 for a set of four from Walgreens! Definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already.


Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Sunset Holiday Season 2017

Rodeo Drive is by far one of my favorite streets in LA during the holidays. Walking down the palm tree lined couture embedded streets is a joyful experience, especially since the city is lit with festive holiday lights. The gorgeous lined street are adorned with Baccarat chandeliers and Cartier is wrapped like a gift with a big red bow.


Dior Holiday Nails 2017 Nail Trends

Holiday nails are a big thing, and I’m loving this Dior 673 Ruby holiday collection this season. Not only is the bottle beyond beautiful, but the I love the winter pinkish red shade. Shine bright like a ruby, and let your nails speak their own glam language this season.

Egg Nog Latte Holidays 2017

Your morning jolt comes in various forms, but there is something special about being able to make a perfectly layered latte at home! Love my eggnog latte, a holiday favorite of mine. This seasonal treat is seriously delicious, made with Maud’s Intelligent Blends Capsules.

Have a beautiful day, tis the season to sprint with a sparkle in your step!

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