Interview with Paris Hilton Her New Single “Come Alive” and Ibiza Talk

Paris Hilton Interview New Single Come Alive Ibiza

Before Paris Hilton spends the rest of the summer a a resident DJ spinning at Ibizas hottest club, Amnesia, I met up with her at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to talk about her new single “Come Alive.” I myself just recently got back from a couple of weeks in Northern Spain, so of course I was enthusiastic about Paris Hilton’s summer gig in Ibiza. While we chatted about music, her new single, and the party island of gorgeous sunsets so pretty that people line the beaches just to watch, I invite you into a sneak peek at what’s in store for the vocal styling’s of Paris Hilton.

Summer timing couldn’t be better for the release of her new single on July 8, on iTunes. After all summer is about catching waves, happiness, and smiles of opportunity for meeting new people, falling in love and catching an enthusiastic leap of faith into summer splendor. Music inspires and based on our conversation seems like all Paris wants is for people to enjoy and soak up the summer love; sounds like the perfect plan!

Annette: Any Inspiration behind your new track “Come Alive” that just came out?

Paris Hilton: I was inspired by love and happiness and when I was in the studio I was just thinking about love and I wanted to write a song about it and how it makes you feel alive and happy and how you can dance and have fun. How it’s the most magical special feeling in the world; and that’s what I wanted to capture in my song and music video.

Annette: That’s great because music is a connector, a source of inspiration. But your musical adventure doesn’t stop there; you’re also headed to Ibiza this summer as a resident DJ! What do you love about Ibiza, and DJing on one of the most famous islands in the world?

Paris Hilton:  I love Ibiza because it’s the party island of the world, there’s nothing like it. People go there to have a good time. I’ve been going there every year since I’m a teenager. This is my second year going for work as a resident DJ at Amnesia nightclub, which is one of the biggest nightclubs around. Also it’s such an honor to be playing alongside the biggest and best DJ’s in the world.

Music captures the essence of fun, attaches itself to memories, laughter and good times. Paris Hilton definitely has a season of music ahead of her, listen to her tracks and enjoy the moments! Paris will be in Ibiza soon spinning and hosting the famous foam and diamonds party at Amnesia discoteque every Wednesday during the month of August.

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Listen, watch, enjoy what’s new! Love Dance Sing……Paris Hilton

“Come Alive” Official Track

“Come Alive” on YouTube

“Come Alive” on iTunes

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