Spain Travel Style With Samsung Galaxy S5

Zimmermann J Brand Jeans Fashion Trend Forward Style For Samsung Galaxy Europe Spain Travel Phone

When traveling oversees you always think about the essentials, sun-block, sunglasses and a phone that’s reliable enough to not only take amazing Instagram pics, but sound great during those moments of communication that count. Traveling to Spain this October with my Samsung Galaxy was definitely fun. There’s a few things about the Samsung Galaxy S5 that makes me happy I received it. For one, I love the rose gold back casing, large screen, and the fact that there was no interruption when calling friends and family oversees. What I mean by this is that I didn’t loose microphone signal at all during my conversations, as the sound quality was so precise you would almost imagine I was communicating with a next door neighbor rather than another continent.

I loved how the Samsung Galaxy S5 functionalities were literally at your fingertips, being a blogger this is very important. Checking emails, schedules and making sure that the filters on the devices camera are as exciting as possible really contributes to capturing the views that make you look back with a smile. Smiling, capturing the moments of travel and significant landmarks that brighten your day and life all contributes to happiness.

The moments when you’re discovering a new site during a travel adventure or sitting at your desk instagramming your latest café art in the form of a heart all count toward capturing the moments. Because it’s the little moments that contribute to the big picture, the rainbow after the rain, the wet hair when you unexpectedly got caught in the rain or the way the palm trees lined themselves so beautifully you can’t help but wander with amazement. This was the case waiting for the train in Alicante, Spain. I couldn’t help but be in awe of the gorgeous outline of how the Palm Trees lined the beaches sunset.

Alicante weather is very reminiscent of Los Angeles warmth, so as you can imagine the style was kept to fall hues without the layering. I dressed for a night out in Alicante wearing a floral black and white outfit for comfort and a touch of feminine ruffles. The black and white floral top was by Zimmermann and the jeans were a floral velvet outline by J Brand Jeans. The floral velvet dresses it up for a glam night on the town in travel style.

Alicante Spain Travel Blogger Fashion Beach Views

Fashion Trend Forward For Samsung Galaxy Travel Fashion Blogger

Zimmermann Florals Fashion Trend Forward For Samsung Galaxy

Spain Travel Fashion Trend Forward For Samsung Galaxy Zimmermann in Alicante

Zimmermann J Brand Jeans Fashion Trend Forward Style For Samsung Galaxy Europe Spain Travel Phone

Alicante Spain Travel Style Zimmermann Top Fashion Blogger

I Was Wearing: Zimmermann Floral Black and White Top/ J Brand Jeans Floral Velvet / Chanel Patent Leather Purple Purse / Christian Dior Nude Wedge Heels

Hair By: Daniel Beseggio

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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