Simple Tips on Poker Fashion & Your Poker Face

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If you’re a global traveler and find yourself going to check out a World Poker Tour event, you may even play a hand or two; it always helps to know how to dress yourself for the occasion. While certain events may be somewhat themed, most aren’t, and you’re likely to see a lot of looks on the felt.

If you’re unsure of how to judge some of the looks you see walking around in those large rooms, consider what you can learn from them about the player’s game. Check out which look maybe your fashion go to for your top game!

Is the poker face all in the sunglasses? What shades will you be rocking when you style your way to the tables? Staying comfy is always a style advice, a bit practical but those rooms are often chilly, so a light jacket may not be a bad idea.

Something that may actually help your game is to wear sunglasses. While the indoor sunglasses may be a popular fashion faux-pas, when it comes to the bluff and that’s all you have left, those anxious eyes should probably be covered. They’ll also keep other players from seeing where you’re fixing your attention; because they’ll be paying attention.

The ever-famous Kara Scott certainly has the table fashion down and also has hit ideas for fashion on the streets when you’re on the go in your poker travels. In an interview with Tasty Pretty Things, she shares that shoes are her favorite fashion item, and you can bet she’s rocking something seriously chic both under the felt and while hosting live events.

Kara and other players will tell you that unless you’re comfortable in your clothes you don’t stand much of a chance at being on top of your game. Consider: if you go out of your way to dress outside your norm, chances are you’ll be giving that fact a lot of unnecessary attention, which takes away from your game.

Overall, the main point is not to over-think your dress. You know what you feel comfortable in and adding a light jacket and sunglasses will prove to help in most cases, fashion faux-pas or not. Remember, you don’t have to wear them when not playing! Also, take a look around the room and see what you can glean from other players’ game by what they’re wearing, tailoring your own look to fit your style. Happy trails in your next poker adventure!

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Year of the Horse Get Lucky

Year of the Horse Get Lucky

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