Desigual Backstage New York Fashion Week Details: Explores The Vibrancy Of City Life

Desigual New York Fashion Week 2016 Runway Show

First day of Fashion Week had guests charmed and ready to have a great time as Desigual debuted the Fall 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week. If you’re familiar with the Spanish brand, then you already know how bright, colorful and eclectic the collections always are. With a vibe that screams, I know how to have a great time and look the part doing it, Desigual was all happy at Manhattan’s The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station fashion show. One can’t help but imagine the type of girl that would be drawn to a style that radiates a gorgeous glow; just like the heart backstage on the models robes, “happy models” says it all.

I’m going to paint a picture of a backstage fashion show at Desigual for you, first of all there’s lots of food, smiles, makeup, nails, hair and instagram accounts going off. With the hashtag, Models or NYFW! Did she just tap the like, button? Because Desigual backstage is rush time, but the outfits are a party, so the smiles are from ear to ear as anticipation crawls as we’re literally running against the clock getting ready for Showtime.

In addition to fashion, beauty is part of backstage essential prep. Led by MAC Cosmetics who captured the look of Desigual Fall 2016 fashion week season. The Desigual look’s inspiration came from “Vintage-Inspired Makeup With a Play on Textures,” Gordon Espinet, Senior MAC Makeup Stylist.
To Achieve the glowing skin Look: Mineralize Timecheck Lotion was blended all over the face to not only hydrate but provide a smooth complexion. This created a glowy gorgeous girl, ready to have a great time! In this situation it was the runway, but this product is ideal as something one could even add to a makeup routine. Although the runway can be an extravagant place at times, it’s a great place to discover tips for the daily beauty routine.

If you think models don’t wear eye cream, think again. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream was applied with fingertips under the eye area to firm and refresh to every model under her foundation. So that gorgeous eyes look model ready in every moment, as does the prep and prime highlighter. What may look like flawless natural is sometimes a routine of secrets revealed and finally finished off with a pressed powder to polish and set.

The Desigual pucker was achieved by applying the Prep and Prime Lip for hydration and nourishment followed by the Lipstick in Peachstock for a beautiful nude to finish. While the outfits were brighter than you can imagine, the makeup was focused on a more natural vibe. Makeup should give balance while bringing out the gorgeous girl within. This look coordinated perfectly with extravagant floral shades, cardigans, yellow fur shawls, puffy floral jacket atop of mixed print where the fashionista is you in everyway!

Desigual is a party with the Vibrancy of City Life and a colorful can do attitude!

Desigual New York Fashion Week Backstage 2016 Runway Trends


Desigual New York Fashion Week 2016 Happy Models Backstage Beauty


Desigual NYFW 2016 Backstage Models Beauty Looks Fashion Week Blogger

Desigual New York Fashion Week 2016 Runway Show

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Desigual New York Fashion Week 2016 Yellow Fur Fashion Show

Backstage Desigual New York Fashion Week Runway Trends 2016



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