Winter Style Trend In LA Is A Bit Colder Than Usual

Winter Style Trends LA Fashion Blogger Outfit Inspiration 2017

Winter style trend in LA is taking a turn because 2017 is colder than usual. Bring out the umbrellas, coats and boots because the weather forecast is a stylish concoction of trend worthy style outfits that are surprisingly not season mismatched this time. It’s winter in California and there’s definitely no doubt that Los Angeles is finally feeling the seasons the rest of America is cozying up to. Even if it is for a day or two, pile on the sweaters and enjoy the rainy days.

For a winter stroll through the city, I chose to wear my knee length Sergio Rossi boots, accompanied by Hanes Hosiery convertible tights in purple and a warm winter coat. The convertible tights are so fun, and to my surprise they withhold days of wearing without the tearing. I’m not a fan of one time wear and throw away; so if you’re looking for a durable fab tight. Hanes may just be perfect for you. It’s really not a good idea to leave the house with cold feet, always keep warm with a smile and bundle up!

Strolling through the city’s adventures, I’m once again reminded that we are in the year of the rooster as I spot a fab statue of a giant metal rooster. Love discovering the aesthetics around the city as it welcomes 2017 in a fabulous way! To accompany the outfit piece, my makeup for the day was all Dior Beauty, wearing my current favorite red lipstick shade: Dior Addict 951 Too Much, and my current go to mascara: Dior Show Black Out. If you’ve been following my instagram lately, this has been my go to mascara for the last couple of months. It definitely does what it’s supposed to: lashes for days and beyond!

Time to dance in winters stylish adventure!

Winter Style Trends LA Fashion Blogger Outfit Inspiration 2017

Winter Style Trends 2017 Best LA Fashion Blogger

Winter Style Trends Year of The Rooster 2017

Winter Style Trends 2017 Chinese New Year at The Grove Outfit Fashion blogger

Enjoy the winter fashion style trends, be your best, style wisely and don’t leave the house without the Sparkle in Your Step!

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