Sneak Peek Inside My Fashion Week Beauty Bag

Inside My Fashion Week Beauty Bag MAC Stila Joico Zoya Nails

Beauty is a very personal thing; in a way it’s an adventure waiting to happen! Sometimes ones makeup drawer is comprised of all different moments when they were inspired to try new things and take a leap of faith with a brighter than bright lipstick or sparkly gloss. The moment you may have learned just how to create the most perfect smokey eye, and then someone suggested adding a sparkle. Just like all your experiences, you are changing and discovering beauty every day, while adding something new and removing something that maybe no longer suites you!

When I thought about how to pack my beauty bag during my third season of fashion week, my first thoughts circulated around keeping it as light as possible. So you can imagine how delighted I was to receive the Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Pallette in Spirit a few days before Fashion Week. I absolutely loved it, one look at these colors and I knew that this would be the only eye shadows I’d really need during fashion week. However I did mention before that beauty is a series of adventures and I couldn’t leave my solo MAC eye shadows in gold and Star Violet I got from Bilbao, Spain a couple months ago behind.

It’s the beauty of the suggestions that keep our perspectives fresh and exciting as I share with you some of my Fashion Week beauty faves that made it into my bag this season!

  1. ZOYA Nail Polish in Wendy: My nails were manicured in one of my favorite tones: coral. I’m sure you already knew that as I’m always saying I love coral this and that, including leather jackets. Even though they were manicured with ZOYA in color Wendy, I still brought the color with me for touch ups. You never know when you’ll get a chip, sometimes it last and sometimes it happens right away.
  2. Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Pallette in Spirit: First of all I loved the rose gold casing for this very special Stila eye shadow palette. It came with twelve shades that were all very practical and perfect for creating a day to evening look. I also loved how the Spirit palettes all have a sparkle to them. Stila came out with a few pallettes in the rose gold casing, some shimmer, some matte, all gorgeous
  3. Susan Posnick Lipstick in RIO: This was my bring it into fall lipstick shade for day. It’s very moisturizing and goes on natural but of course still has color!
  4. Stila Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss in Kitten: It just gives you that nude sparkle finish. Apply over any lipstick shade to just give it a natural gloss with a shimmer. It’s part of the same collection as the eye shadow palette.
  5. JOICO Power Hair Spray: Because hairspray even works as a touch up to restyle, not just hold.
  6. The Body Shop Energizing Face Spray: Because during Fashion Week when you’re running from one show to another, at the end of the day you need your vitamins and this is the perfect pick me up! Gives your skin that end of the day glow it yearns for.
  7. OH LOLA MARC JACOBS Beauty Bag, because it’s beyond adorable and pink.
  8. Swarovski Crystal Hair clips in Pink and Coral
  9. MAC Eye Shadow in Star Violet and Gold: from Bilbao, Spain because adventures are always a beautiful thing.

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