Citrus Adventures with Single Dress and Cointreau at Style 360

Regram From Cointreau on Instagram New York Fashion Week September 2014

Fashion week should be a sweet experience, and Cointreau was on hand sponsoring events during the stylish weeks festivities. So right before heading to the FTL Moda Fashion Show by Style 360, I attended the Cointreau VIP lounge in the fashion tent. Here I quickly honed my skills and was taught the aesthetics of mixing a drink in fine citrus fashion.

My Single Dress by Galina Sobolev bounced with citrus flavoring such as lemons, limes, and oranges because Vitamin C is good for everything and everyone. And a dash of fashion week color will surely outfit any occasion. I love the material and how it hugs in all the right places, the perfect dress for mixing my pink Cointreau specialty drink! I also wore this dress later that night to an US Weekly Party that you’ll see shortly as well.

And now I’m sure you’re wondering about the ingredients. Since I made it myself, I’m excited to share the culinary mixology behind this very special Strawberry Basil Citrus drink.

First you blend the strawberry with the basil, next you add the Cointreau, squeeze in the citrus! Shake, and whala you’ve got a homemade cocktail.

Have a beautiful Day With Citrus Adventures

Fashion Week Single Dress with Oranges Cointreau NYFW Style 360 Lounge September 2014 NYFW

Single Dress at FTL Moda New York Fashion Week Show With Cointreau New York Fashion Week September 2014 Hottest Street Style

Mixing Cointreau during New York Fashion Week FTL Moda Style 360 Style Lounge

Mixed my own Cointreau drink wearing Single Dress during New york Fashion Week at Style 360 Style Lounge

I Was Wearing:  Single prom Dress By fabprom/ Balenciaga City Bag in Black / Lanvin Sunnies

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