Cousin Cage up the boot with Christian Louboutin

It may be difficult to merely peruse over the sky high Christian Louboutin winter booties. After all the caged leather stiletto style platform boot is both sexy and stylish, perfect for kick’n up the winter holiday as a proper fashionista. In tune with the swanky upbeat biker chick season to follow, Christian Louboutin has out-caged this pair of boots.

With its signature red leather sole, the louboutin’s will be peeping out, and not just in peep toe form. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who love labutins, but I’m sure they’ll be photographed strutting down the red carpet, wearing the cousin caged ankle boot, by the luxurious Christian Louboutin.

Cousin Caged Christian Louboutin Boot

Cousin Caged Christian Louboutin Boot

Boot’m up Louboutin style!

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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