Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Style In San Francisco Travel

Beautiful Views of San Francisco with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I’m fascinated how quickly technology manifests its appeal. Like style trends blooming through the seasons, we are constantly introduced to some of the best high tech gadgets on the market. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, because while a phone is classified as more or less a daily interaction of communication, fun and capturing the moments you didn’t even realize were going to surprise you that day, high design better be on par with seizing the moments of the dailies.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is actually a step above what you hope a phone delivers. With a built in pen, text messaging, and precision control, picture taking is even taken to the next level. Crop as you like, draw something cute, it’s the little comforts that contribute to creativity. And when does creativity kick in? During traveling, because you become inspired by excitement and awe to discover and take in beautiful sites. It’s a moment to relax, look around and smell the roses! Also a moment to elevate Instagramfriendly vibes with a camera phone that seizes the moments as you would have imagined. The Note 4 captured many moments worthy of hand held photography during my weekend getaway in San Francisco. The weekend was beyond gorgeous, from the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge to becoming an indulgent foodie at the world famous Fisherman’s Warf, my phone easily snapped many memories of exquisiteness everywhere.

San Francisco is a city elevated with excitement and a unique flavor that exudes a large city like atmosphere. If you know anything about San Francisco, then you’re probably already familiar with Southern Californians referring to it as “up north.” Why, because it’s a short road trip away, a couple of hours and your weekend scenery is completely changed. Now I’ll share a few of my favorite from the trip, Napa Valley vineries were absolutely stunning. Not only was it interesting to learn about the Napa wine culture and process of wine making, but the rolling hills, greenery, and vineyard estates extending a variety of grapes is just something you don’t see everyday. If you’re wondering about how the phone service was while traveling through the hills? Surprisingly it was great, as I eagerly shared bits an pieces from my trip with friends.

Now if you’re going to be planning a trip to San Francisco, one thing to keep in mind is that the weather is very different from LA’s seemingly yearly sunny skies. San Fran is generally much cooler. That is why you see me wearing what looks like a winter outfit in May. The days were chilly, and nights need layering, but not like New York Fashion Week in the wintertime!

It was fun to street style a little warmer than usual in the city known for chocolate lovers Ghirardelli square’s three scoop minimum ice-cream extravaganza must!

Fashion Blogger Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in San Francisco Travel Adventure

Beautiful Views of San Francisco with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Fashion Blogger Travel with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in San Francisco


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