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Just shake it up, be free and venture out and try something new this season because Joico not only wants you to shake it, but to look luminous doing so. A couple weeks ago I attended the Joico shake it event. If you’re immediately picturing a dance floor playing the latest tunes in the background, you’re not to far off. But this time instead of a dance floor their were stylists on demand using the latest Joico Hair Shake showing us how to glam up our do for a perfect night on the town.

It was a fun night of le petit fours, appetizers and a shake here and there. I was surprisingly impressed with how much volume this liquid to powder finishing texture worked through the hair. If you’re in the midst of planning your next dancing night out, the hair shake is a fab way to start your evening beauty prep. A little shake, a touch up with a curling iron or even the wand is a great way to get your tresses ready. I’ve actually been using the Kiss Instawave automatic curler, which would be a fantastic suggestion for setting the volume in your curls.

Many times the hair wand curls fall off, but the instawave grabs your curl. Once you wrap your hair around it, you press the button and it curls around the wand to give you bounce and texture. It’s definitely worth trying, after all discovery is part of the process of figuring out what’s your latest go to in beauty trends. And discovering something that makes your beauty prep that much more electrifying will leave you glowing as if touched by the Tuscan Sun!

Keep your smile and hair bouncy and pretty and SHAKE IT UP!

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