Lavender Inspired: Summer 2015 Beauty Tips

Beauty Blogger Secrets Sulfate Free Smooth Sexy Hair tips

This summer’s lavender inspired beauty haul started with pretty ideas to get the season flowing. There’s something so desirable about lavender; it is said that it contains calming properties that inspire a soothing reflection on your beauty routine. So while this beautylicious theme highlights a few products containing the essences of lavender, it’s mainly about the cool moments in beauty and sharing products that I happen to love this season.

Wrapped in lavender shades, aromas, and trend on there was even a lavender infused martini on last nights dinner menu.

Smooth Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

I love to switch my shampoos out, alternate and try new things. Sexy Hair Purple Line, Sulfate Free smoothing shampoo and conditioner is infused with coconut oil and smells amazing. Not only have I been using the shampoo and conditioners of this smooth sexy hair line but I’ve also tried the frizz eliminator and smooth encounter. While I don’t recommend using both of these products at the same time, individually they work great. I have a theory that depending on the situation, you don’t really have to pile on as many hair products as you can, many times minimalism gets you hair perfect. However you can begin your blow-dry with adding the smooth encounter cream after your hair wash and finishing with the frizz eliminator.

Many times even if you’ve found something great it’s always wonderful to add something new to the mix and give yourself the opportunity to discover a new product. This doesn’t mean you have to discard of the old, alternating is a great way to keep hair looking fresh and hot with tousled waves for summer.

Yardley London Lavender and Rosemary

Have you seen this combination recently? Lavender and Rosemary, if you did, you’d probably want to try it! The combination of aromas must be experienced. The Yardley lavender and Rosemary bath and shower gel is a must try, with ultra moisturizing and skin soothing lavender oil. The body wash can be found in either the shower gel or the bar of soap, it really depends on preference. Try both, and see which one you like best. There’s a strong possibility you may like them both and alternate. Alternating beauty products is becoming thematic, just like the sexy hair care.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish In Beckoning Begonia

CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish In Beckoning Begonia is one of my faves this summer. Obviously I love lavender and lilac colors and what I love about this CND nail polish shade is that it has a shimmery base. When a nail polish has a shimmery base it’s almost always easier to apply. Also I’ve found that CND nail polish colors last a little longer than usual, which makes it easier for the girl on the go to be nail pretty in fashion trend forward style.

Silhouette By Christian Siriano Eau De Parfum

I received the Silhouette By Christian Siriano purple and rose gold bottle after attending the Christian Siriano fashion show last September in New York City. The fragrance is sweet and has notes of fresh candy. It’s really a very fun and beautiful fragrance for summer. I don’t pick up any lavender hints, however the purple to lilac and rose gold packaging perfectly fit the lavender beauty haul for summer 2015.

Find what you love, try new things, share your finds and spread the beauty tips! There’s so many pretty ideas and beauty tips for sunkissed summer splendor.

Lavender Inspired Beauty Tips For Summer 2015

Beauty best 2015 CND Nail Polish in Lilac color

Beauty Blogger Secrets Sulfate Free Smooth Sexy Hair tips

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