Interview With Lisa Rinna Host of Westfield Cocktails and Couture

Westfield Cocktails and Couture Interview with Lisa Rinna

Cocktails and Couture is an opportunity to indulge your most lavish designer desires and splurge for a cause. Yes, you may now shake off whatever feeling is holding you back and treat yourself to lots of style, glitz and a philanthropic edge that really put the sparkle in your step.

Lisa Rinna is known to many for her numerous roles on “Days of Our Lives,” Melrose Place, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” I thought it was absolutely fabulous when she opened her boutique
on Ventura Blvd, did you know about that role? She was a fashion girl and how apropos that she hosted this seasons Cocktails and Couture at Westfield Topanga Mall benifiting breast and ovarian non-profit health organization Bright Pink! The night featured cocktails provided by La Nina, Del Mezcal and Ventura Spirits and lots of shopping, caviar, champagne and more shopping.

I chatted with Lisa and we talked pink, causes and shopping for a reason!

Annette: We’re celebrating a great cause for Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer to continue research, find a cure, and empower woman while shopping in the most stylish boutiques around town.

Lisa Rinna: Bright Pink I love the name of the charity. It’s a cause dedicated to the prevention of Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

Annette: Influencing People to shop for a Cause really gives an even more enticing factor to the shopping experience, what do you think?

Lisa Rinna: Everyone who loves to shop and loves Westfield mall, is able to shop for a good cause, and that’s even better. So many people have been touched by someone they know who has been touched by someone that is battling cancer, it’s so important to support these charities and it’s such a great mall with a high end area, it’s just so great isn’t it?

Annette: It’s fabulous because I really believe that people are going to shop anyways and they have even more incentive to get that luxury bag they’ve been wanting.

Lisa Rinna: It makes you feel a little bit less guilty, because if it’s going to go to a good cause, I’ll do it because I know it’s helping someone. It’s a very beautiful high-end event and hopefully we can raise a lot of money for great things.

Annette: And it opens our minds to ways we can participate.

Lisa Rinna: It’s so much about awareness and anything I can do to create that awareness and success, I do it.

It’s so wonderful to open our minds and really discover ways to help and contribute to positive change. The event was absolutely stunning, with a fabulous host styling in true fashion trend forward taste. It’s always nice to discover ways you could contribute, learn more about Bright Pink here. Discovery happens on the daily!

Your bright sparkle always begins with you, but many times you have the ability to brighten up someone else’s sparkle too!

Westfield Cocktails and Couture Interview with Lisa Rinna

Luxury Food in Los Angeles Black Caviar style

Westfield Cocktails and Couture Event Pink Roses

To Outfit the Occasion I Was Wearing: Floral Darling UK Dress / Coral Satin and Gold Jerome C. Rousseau Heels

Hair By: Daniel Beseggio

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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