Devil Wears Prada Culture Theorist

What determines the classification of style? Lets maneuver a Post- Modern approach in which we take a ride around the corner of culture theories ability to Segway into creative appeal of not only the senses but the visual aspects that determine significance. The Devil Wears Prada, Editor in Chief made a quaint point which exposed all the hypocrites that believe that they don’t necessarily participate in the discourse of fashion.

By pointing out the outdated and lackluster pride with which Andy paradoxically values her diminutive idea of what fashion is, she instead begins to criticize and categorizes her as the lowest tiered participant that seems to be hindered by her factual capitation.

This inturn leads to a lack of individuality, as she becomes hindered and unable to flourish. However when she comes to the realization that a whole industry is underway, things change as does she.

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