Jonathan Cohen Brings Cool Beach Style to Spring 2014 Trend Watch

Never underestimate the currents of fashion. While some are flowing to the beat of the tune, others are inspiring a new wave to hit the sand while luxuriating in dreamy debonair couture. Just ask Jonathan Cohen where inspiration behind the spring 2014 collection comes from? If you haven’t yet felt the luxurious fabrics or seen the prints, then you’re in for a fabulous beach inspired mix of prints, solids and girly dresses that will make you wish you were beach bound.

I visited Jonathan Cohen at his showroom during New York Fashion Week when he was previewing his spring 2014 summer collection. He showed me what’s in store for the warmer season, and what better time to share than at the height of holiday time. Since we are that much closer to wishful warmer months! While the east coast is experiencing snow, where Jonathan Cohen currently lives; the west coast beach town, La Jolla where he grew up, inspired the collection. Surprise, surprise being a west coast girl, I loved the collection.

That weekend before visiting Jonathan Cohen, casting was taking place at the Mondrian hotel in Soho where I asked a model what shirt she was wearing because I thought it was so cool. Her response was “Jonathan Cohen,” a story I shared with him from my NYC pre fashion week weekend.

Jonathan Cohen fashion collection is a mix of dazzle razzle cocktail dresses with printed personality suits and lets have fun and wear fashion eclectic t-shirts submerged with artistic ventures and sea breeze motif. The actual kelp found in the ocean, contributes to the colors of fashion inspiring the production of the green dress pictured. A closer zoom into the surfer dress will show a pattern of beach enthusiasts soaking up the waves on a sunny day. I love this idea of formal meets loosen up and just enjoy. It’s the perfect middle way to bring out the joy in fashion and play it up to the beat of your own harmonic adventure.

The dramatic blue opens up to the scope of the ocean and gives fashion a sunny glow!

Beach Collection Jonathan Cohen Patterns Spring 2014 fashion dress trends

Jonathan Cohen Patterns Spring 2014 dress trends

White hot spring 2014 trends alert Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen White shirt Perfect Summer Look

Surfer Dress Jonathan Cohen Spring 2014 inspired by his beach prints fashion collection.

Surfer Dress Jonathan Cohen Spring 2014 inspired by his beach prints fashion collection.

Jonathan Cohen surfer dress gorgeous dress trends for 2014

Beach style hottest trend by Jonathan Cohen luxury fabric gorgeous dress.

Jonathan Cohen brings the beach to the runway for summer fashion!

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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