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A couple weeks ago I met up with Dr. David Lortscher at the Grove in West Hollywood to talk about Pocketderm and how it works. First thing you notice about David is his perfect looking skin, yes a lead by example initiative is important to following a regime that works. Especially when that regime is facilitated by a Dermatologist, which he is. So of course without even further conversation we could already assume that clear skin, and beauty is his forte. With that in mind, I’m excited to bring you our summer giveaway!

That’s right get great skin now with PocketDerm July Giveaway

Pocketderm is amazing because with the busy stress of everyday life, work priorities, school and the desire to be your best you possible. Sometimes scheduling an appointment in between to see your skin care specialist could be like penciling in a twenty fifth hour into our daily lives. Who wouldn’t want a couple extra hours to linger around, however Dr. David Lortscher knows the importance of maintaining a clear acne free complexion and came up with PocketDerm to give you the clear skin you deserve.

One lucky winner will win a 6 month membership to Pocketderm and receive prescription acne medication straight to their door. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about insurance, co-pays, or penciling in an appointment because everything at pocketderm begins online with you. Just upload your picture, answer a few questions about your skin and begin your journey to beautiful skin with dermatologists who care.

Dr David Lortscher Founder of Pocketderm online dermatologist Summer is about confidence, discovering new adventures in the midst of summer sunshine, while being your most radiant self. Fashion Trend Forward is about highlighting your charisma, clear skin leads to a more confident you; and confidence is always a beauty that shines brighter than anything!

Good Luck, Enter To Win A 6 Month Membership to PocketDerm and Be Radiant From the Inside Out!

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