Hottest Gucci Bags In Paris

Gucci Windows in Paris

The streets of Paris are filled with so much history, architecture and gorgeous facades that there continues to be a stunning vision of aesthetic beauty from every angle. On one side is a fabulous edifice, on the other stunning couture. This is not merely an understatement but the Parisian experience. It’s no wonder that people travel across the world to buy their first or tenth Louis Vuitton or Gucci piece in Paris; the lines maybe long but the bags are a piece of an adventure.

The Gucci experience in Paris was everywhere, the brands popularity has skyrocketed and it’s no surprise that locals and tourists all want these hot handbags. The Gucci bag, wallet, outfit, belt, entire look is a hot commodity, and taking fashionistas on a ride motivated to stand out. Just look at the Gucci windows in Paris, style girls and guys are going to the movies in Gucci.

This message sings couture is no longer just for special occasions, because in Gucci every day is a special occasion.

I’m sure you already know that Gucci changed designers, completely rebranded their image, and it feels like the bags are never ever going on sale again. At least that’s what the rumors are saying! Even if they did plan for their bags to go on sale, they are selling out and so in demand that they probably wouldn’t even make it to the sale. I’d say at this point the chances are slim to none because Paris had lines to merely get a sales associates attention or even get into the boutique.

Fashionistas are getting excited about their Gucci, it’s all over Instagram, celebrities and Beverly Hills street fashion. Whether you’re into the bugs, pink coral, the bee, love, or the classic white and black top handle, there’s something for every fashion girl at Gucci this season.

Gucci in Paris is on trend with some of the hottest hand bags this season!

Check out some of my favorite bags, what’s your top pick? Click on the pictures below to shop the bag.

Gucci Windows and Handbags in Paris

Gucci Windows in Paris

Black Gucci Bug Bag in Paris

Gucci in Paris Gucci Windows Bag Trends

Gucci Black and White handbag

Gucci Black and Gold Handbag Hottest bags 2018

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