Unleash your Animal with the Mulberry Alexa Shiny Leopard tote

It’s time to release your ultra feminine wild streak. The animal kingdom is definitely playing a role in handbags, shoes, shirts full into the spring fashion season. Fashion Trend Forward your way into cheetah prints and wild hues as you rock out with accessory galore. I absolutely love the ultra chick and fab pink Mulberry Alexa Shiny Leopard tote. It’s almost like a convertible handbag, worn with a long strap or as a handheld tote. The luxurious Mulberry design is made in England with stunning gold hardware. This Mulberry handbag will definitely draw a handful of glances with its pink leopard-print stylish animal adventure.

Mulberry Pink animal print handbag

Mulberry Pink animal print handbag

Check out the Mulberry leopard print hotness (I mean handbag). Time for some fashionable trends and adventure in style!

Image Source: Shopbop.com

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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