Hot Restaurant in NOHO Is The Federal Bar

Buffalo cauliflower and lamb chops at Federal Bar Restaurant in NOHO

When deciding where to dine, food quality, atmosphere, and a delightful culinary experience combined with fun ambiance is usually my go to destination. Discovering the surprise hidden in the pockets of NOHO is the Federal Bar Restaurant , a hip, buzz worthy foodie hotspot. I always thought the Federal Bar was a nightclub bar in NOHO that was solely focused on entertainment, until of course I was invited to dine with the restaurant and discover the menu that is definitely a culinary adventure on the Los Angeles food scene.

The Federal Bar Restaurant is not only a themed 20’s speak-easy with a delightful array of cocktails crafted by the finest mixologists; it’s a restaurant with the most delicious assortment of dishes. When you first walk in the vibe is laid back, but very cozy. There’s something for everyone here; whether you fall into the hipster crowd, business meeting, or impress your date in trendy NOHO, you’ll fit right in. Choose a seating arrangement to set the tone, a half circular booth, dinner table, or sit at the bar, grab a drink and have a talk for hours kind of night! Naturally I loved the half circular booths and this is where we began our feast. I started out the night with a series of appetizers. The crispy buffalo cauliflower with the blue cheese fondue is a must and paired perfectly with the lamb chops. The lamb chops were scrumptious, prepared and offered as an appetizer with three chops, drizzled with a scoop of pear mint chutney and a spicy chimichurrion. The combination of flavors were unexpected, showcasing the surprise that only a talented chef would be able to present his guests with. It’s interesting because what defines an fab dining experience is the element of surprise, that sparks creativity onto your palette. It leaves you wanting to try more, and that’s exactly what we did. We moved into a seafood direction with crab toast and lobster Mac and Cheese. Both were amazing; the lobster mac and cheese actually has large chunks of fresh lobster making this a macaroni and cheese connoisseurs dream team side dish.

Next, is a meal complete without a salad? I didn’t think so! When eating out always remember your veggies, they are essential to a complete meal. With that in mind the beet and avocado salad paired with pink grapefruit and feta cheese was superb. Eating out inspires me to get more creative in the kitchen, allowing me to discover combinations of savory, sweet, and spicy. It really gives you the opportunity to experience flavors you may have not otherwise thought to combine; again showcasing the elements of a fab chef in North Hollywood. Our meal continued with classic fish and chips and beef short ribs; everything was on par and not a single dish I wouldn’t order again.

What’s so suburb about the Federal bar restaurant in NOHO is the emphasis on quality. Our friendly waitress Lila was not only helpful in her suggestions, but really emphasized the wholesome, excellence in kitchen food quality and preparation. Overall, the Federal Bar Restaurant is a must try if you love good food, and want to enjoy a foodie spectacular with a decadent cocktail list!

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