How do I use a Stability exercise ball? No Excuse SKLZ Trainer Ball is Self Guided Fitness Fab

Self Guided how to use the stability ball for flat abs
Self Guided Trainer Ball for Flat Abs

Fitness has everything to do with style and feeling good. Coco Chanel said “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.”
 Proportions are the markers of control, whether it be your body strength or tastes in couture. When we feel confident we are able to wear our clothes with ease and ownership, so there really should be no excuse for pulling out those extra 15 minutes every other morning to do some basic exercises.

The reason I use “no excuses” so enthusiastically is because I just discovered SKLZ Trainer ball, this is really the only self guided stability ball I’ve seen on the market. Exercise enthusiasts know that the trainer ball is excellent for stabilizing the core, working your abs, while developing balance. Balance helps promote flexibility and strength while you work towards flattening your abs. This stability ball has 16 illustrated exercises guiding you through the how to. The “how to” is a common question, a question that tends to hold us back from going forward.

The stability ball is really one of those exercise tools that tone and define your body; at the same time people look at it and their first thought tends to be what am I supposed to do with that. The SKLZ ball has illustrations and direct instructions on the ball, it’s really very easy to follow.

Not everyone has the time or money for a personal trainer, sometimes one may want to do a certain exercise, but we just don’t know how to do it correctly. This can be frustrating and demotivating, worrying about not doing a particular exercise correctly can really take the fun out of exercising. If you can think of any additional excuses for not taking a few minutes out to tone using a stability ball, please share. Otherwise remember style is about feeling good, and feeling good starts with you.

Self Guided how to use the stability ball for flat abs
Self Guided Trainer Ball for Flat Abs

energy and exercise.

Learn how to get flat abs SKLZ Trainer Ball with how to exercise Illustrations
SKLZ Trainer Ball with how to exercise Illustrations


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  1. says: Orly

    I love this post! I will definitely try this exercise at home. Its so much easier to work out when you have the right tools 😉

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