Trendiest Blvd Debut’s Camerich LA Showroom with a Launch Party

Camerich Los Angeles opened a Flagship store on one of West Hollywood’s trendiest boulevards. If you already guessed Robertson, than you’re right on par with the rest of us. And to celebrate this fabulous event they threw a launch party on July 18 to debut this design oriented, eclectic mix of contemporary furnishings to grace the LA scene.

This Los Angeles showroom doesn’t intend to be just like every other furniture store around town. Popping in quickly to peruse the floor findings will require an appointment. So if you think you’ll have the luxury of just strolling down the street, walking in, and randomly purchasing, say, a couch, than you better have a pre-set appointment. Because this appointment friendly Camerich showroom plans to cater to a clientele timetable, I’m sure owners Michael Lin and Stephen Bianchi will be able to pencil you in.

Camerich LA Store Showroom

Camerich LA Store Showroom


Launch Party event for Camerich Furniture store in Los Angeles

Accessorizing with orchids at Camrich store opening West Hollywood debut!

Launch Party for New Camerich Furniture Store in WeH0

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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