Fall 2014 Sexy Bun Hair Trends From NYFW Charlotte Ronson

NYFW Bun Hair Trends Charlotte Ronson

What does a sexy bun remind you of? Subtle sophistication with a hint of mystery? Maybe, what’s underneath all that swept up hair once it becomes released – How wild are those tamed locks really? Hmmm, hair is a journey posing ideas, adventures and slight interpretations of our personality that just glams up our dailies!

With summer sadly coming to an end, we have the luxe locks of fall to look forward too. And with that comes the sexy bun hair trend from the Fall 2014 Charlotte Ronson New York Fashion Week Presentation. The style is reminiscent of studious school girl who likes to accessorize with a plan of her own; not just when it comes to her hair and wardrobe.

The collection makes you want to throw on the threads with the matching bun hairstyle. So with this in mind, lets go over some beauty products that I’ve tried, and would like to recommend for achieving the subtle bun hair trend this season.

Hair Care Suggestions for Achieving this Awesome Look:

  1. Experiment, and switch things up! I’ve just recently discovered the JOICO Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner for Fullness and Volume and I love it. Just because you’re doing a slick tied back look, hair still needs to be in its most beautiful, fullest state. I’ve been using these products for about a month now and it really leaves hair shiny and great to work with, especially if that next tool is a blow-dryer.
  2. A blow-dryer is one of those investments you must make if you want to achieve beautiful blowouts at home. Even if you’re planning to twist your hair into a bun, first you must blow it out in the most frizz free way possible.
  3. I’ve been using the Panasonic Nanoe Hair dryer and love it. In addition to the super cute pink nose, it’s lightweight and produces a magnificent frizz free blow-out. Now I know you’re probably thinking that product has a lot to do with the frizz-free factor, but a good blow dryer can definitely do the trick. Sometimes depending on the weather I skip adding a product altogether, as I found it to leave my hair oily. Again, it depends on the weather, situation and what kinds of shampoos and conditioners I’m using.
  4. After your hair is blow-dried start twisting it into a bun. Take out a few hair strands for that slightly messy but clean look and accessorize with a gorgeous bobby pin or pretty headband.

Feel feminine, beautiful and Fashion Trend Forward, from your stylistic ventures to your shiny hair motives!

Fall 2014 sexy bun hair trends from NYFW

NYFW Charlotte Ronson Fall 2014 Bun Hair Trends

Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner

Panasonic Nano Pink Hair Dryer
NYFW Bun Hair Trends Charlotte Ronson

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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