Glam Girl Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again, you’re drinking peppermint lattes and figuring out what to gift the different types of people in your life. The beauty glam girl wants the best in skincare, and will always appreciate the thought put into her lavish gift because she takes pride in careful consideration of all things beautiful.

This 2018 beauty gift guide is for the girl who loves to discover something new, likes to take care of herself and appreciates the subtle acts of beautiful gestures that come her way. She likes to indulge in self care, and meaningful moments that contribute to her thirst for discovering and cultivating ways to take care of her hair, nails, skin and all things relating to the pursue pretty adventure of the dailies. Whether she is a working mom, college student, young professional, thriving and flirty jetsetter, this gift guide is on point and really speaks to all women that thrive from the glam girl beauty days.

You know who the glam girls in your life are and they will obviously be thrilled to receive the gifts in this gift guide. Enjoy, browse, shop, and revel in the splendor of the holiday season because even though some may say it’s the thought that counts, we all know that a little extra effort in gifting goes a long way!

Happy beautiful glam girls holiday!

1. Impress Nails with Alice and Olivia – Alice and Olivia and Impress Nails have teamed up to give the glamour girl the ultimate is stylish nails this season. It’s perfect for the girl on the go who wants stunning nails without getting a formal manicure. Get what seems like perfectly manicured nails in an instant with Impress nail glamour. If you don’t tell, why should we! There’s also a whole collection of holiday nail sets available by Impress that are guaranteed to impress anyone with any sense of holiday cheer.

Impress Nails with Alice and Olivia

Check out the Alice and Olivia Collection Here

Impress Press on Manicure start at $5.99 perfect for the girl that always nails it!

2. FHI Heat 1900 Limited Edition Hair Dryer in Red or Rose Gold – This is for the diva that loves every little detail that beautifies her world. This is not just a light weight nano lite tourmaline ceramic limited edition hair dryer; it’s a hair tool that is both beautiful, a space saver, and a chrome holiday gift that will quickly become her favorite. She will regularly use it, and wonder how she got so lucky that she has a chrome rose gold or bright red hair dryer.

As she dryes and styles her hair, she can’t help but smile knowing that her perfect hair dryer is unique and one of a kind, just like she is. She’ll research new ways to blow dry her hair, excited that she gets to use this lavish one of a kind gift.

FHI Heat Limited Edition Rose Gold Nano Lite Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

FHI Heat Platform Blowdryer and Flat Iron in Rose Gold Limited Edition

3. Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel For Him and Her – If you know a girl that likes to indulge in meaningful me moments, there’s a big possibility that she’ll enjoy me time taking the time out of her busy day to exfoliate her feet. After all she stands tall, pretty, and spends quite a bit of time on her toes everyday. If you really think about it, there’s a chance that she keeps you on your toes as well. Looking for the perfect gift to unwind together, get a exfoliation foot peel for him and for her and enjoy a moment where you simply stay put, and exfoliate until you have soft baby like feet.

Baby Foot For Soft and Smooth Feet How to take care of feet

4. Shiseido Five Piece Wrinkle Smoothing Set – This set is ideal for someone who’s looking for new ways to stop the look of lines. There will definitely be a great deal of gratitude for this gift because it’s all about taking preventative measures to stop lines, wrinkles and keep the glow up to par with the adventures of the dailies. Shiseido is a fabulous well known brand that takes pride in quality skincare. Give the gift that keeps on giving girls everywhere fabulous skin. And ofcourse if you’re a fab fem shopping for a man, you guessed it, gift sets for men available too.

Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing Gift Set

5. MAC Holiday Gift Collection – MAC Holiday gift collection provides the perfect opportunity to glow during the holiday season and all year long. The technicoulour trip gives new light to shiny pretty things and provides makeup enthusiasts a chance to discover new colors, lipsticks, warm bronzers, and metallic winter hues to sparkle beautifully into 2019. There’s plenty of gift sets available, or one of a kind pieces to accompany your hot event, the need to dance the night away, or have a daytime look that beats your morning cup of coffee.

MAC Holiday Makeup 2018 Gold Blush Red Lips Silver Eyeshadow

6.Kopari Flawless Face Kit – Does the word flawless speak for itself? It does when there’s a few coconuts involved! We all know a beauty aficionado that loves everything about coconuts including the smell and all the benefits to using it as a skincare regimen. Even if someone knows nothing about the potential skincare benefits from using coconuts, they will quickly love the Kopari gift set.

Kopari Flawless Face Kit Cocunut face cream and cleansing for face

7. Kate Somerville Skincare – For the beauty girl or guy that revels in finding amazing products there is something for everyone at Kate Somerville. This unique brand caters to finding what the skin thirsts for and then feeds it with products such as the all skin types exfoliating treatment or the wrinkle warrior face mask. A beauty warrior defining the laws and creating opportunities for exquisite skin.

2019 Skincare Must Have Kate Somerville Exfoliating treatment for skin

Tweezerman and Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Face Mask

8. Tweezerman Gift Set – Every girl should have a spare set of reliable tweezers! Even if she’s the type that regularly visits her amazing brow specialist, tweezers are a must and Tweezerman is one of the top ranking brands. She’ll love this eyelash curler and tweezer set.

9. Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp – This eyeliner is perfect for the girl that loves her liquid cat eyes. You know who she is, and realize this would be a perfect addition to her beauty favorites.

10. Virtue Hair System – Virtue is simply amazing hair everytime, this gift will be greatly appreciated especially if she loves styling, blowdrying and making sure her locks are looking fab always.

Best Beauty Essentials Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp

Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb Perfum is Sweet and perfect for turning the charm on

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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