How to Wear Leather in the summer? 3 Factors to consider when wearing Summer Leather!

As we approach the warm end of May, one can’t help but feel the excitement of summer crawling across us in anticipation of the sun, beach waves, sandals, and luxe tans on the bright horizon. However with all this in mind, wardrobe questions still arise. One of these prominent questions is concerning leather. How should one wear leather during the summer?

1.What kind of leather Jacket should I buy for the summer months?

Although the summer months are approaching and the tanks and summer dresses are as appealing as ever, letting go of the hip leather jacket is not a necessity. When purchasing a leather for the summer, consider purchasing a lighter weight jacket, also leather jackets come in more colors than the usual black. Consider opting for a coral or peach color, maybe even a bright blue. Summer is a time to have fun and experiment with color, so I would suggest a colorful leather jacket for the summer and a darker shade for wintertime.

2.What Brands Sell Summer Leather Jackets?

I’ve actually seen lots of brands with bright color leather for summer. I walked into Club Monaco in Beverly Hills and saw a bright blue suede jacket hanging fresh for summer 2013. Also Bloomingdales carried Theory leather jackets in coral, or Rachel Zoe mint leather jacket.

3.What look do you want to Achieve? Stylish & Sophisticated or Edgy but comfortable!

Make sure you love the leather look and own your style. This will be a big theme in this blog: owning your style. Because when you love what you’re wearing, you feel good wearing it. Pick the leather jacket that satisfies the look you want to achieve. Whether you’re opting for a stylish and sophisticated look or want something edgy that pushes forward the boundaries of style, satisfy you. This is your fashion choice. With so many great summer jackets to choose from, choose the one that satisfies the look you want to achieve!

Summer Leather Jacket by Alice & Olivia light white color
Alice and Olivia Vanna Leather drops Shoulder Jacket Perfect for Summer
Designer Summer Leather Jackets
Back View White Alice and Olivia Leather Jacket for summer

What an absolutely great look! The Alice and Olivia white leather jacket can be used as a light throw on to a great outfit. I like this style jacket because it has a lot of potential, being very versatile yet substantially stylish – it’ll look quite different depending on the occasion, but perfect for summer!

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