New Moms Wish List Holiday Gift Guide 2017

New Moms Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Baby Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching, pregnant moms and new moms are getting excited for their upcoming bundle of joy. If you’re wondering what to gift a new mama to be, there are so many fab gift essentials perfect for gifting the new mom that pretty much needs everything. She is currently putting together a mental checklist of all the necessities and wish list items she wished she had, and knows she needs!

The holidays for a new mama is wrapped around the baby. It’s a time when baby comes first and the perfect gift for a new mama would be something that she could use for her baby. Shop the post by clicking on the pictures below, these fabulous new mom faves will definitely be the icing on the holiday season for any new mom! Have fun with your gift giving this holiday season, and keep in mind these gifts will have mamas squealing with excitement.

This is the New Moms Wish List!

The Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bag – Just look how fab this nautical print is. I’m always a fan of the beach, if you follow me on insta, you already know this is true. Anchor away because this versatile bag that can be worn both over the shoulder, as a backpack or easily on your crib is the perfect diaper bag for the stylish mamma. The Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag is machine washable, organized into compartments and most importantly lite weight. Mama should be concentrating on carrying the baby not hauling around a heavy diaper bag, this is perfect for any new mom.

The Pottery Barn Lamb Rocker – Seriously have you seen anything cuter than this? This lamb rocker is beyond adorable, so sweet that any baby would be more than excited to jump on and enjoy the ride. While the baby is an infant this rocker is the perfect addition to any nursery room, it not only adds to stunning décor but gives you exciting moments to look forward too. Any mom would be leaping into the air with excitement if she receives this as a holiday gift.

The DockATot – This is an essential to any new mom. If you briefly mention the DockATot to a mom that has already gone through the infant stage, you will quickly hear this come out of her mouth “The DockATot is the best, I used it all the time,” yep I overheard this conversation at Nordstrom the other day. The DockATot is easily placed into different parts of the room and is perfect for the baby to sleep in during the day or at night. You can even place the DockATot into the crib and have the baby sleep in it all night long. This is essential and a must for every new mom.

Pottery Barn Kids Farm Yard Activity Gym – This one will be put to use quicker than you can imagine. The Farm yard activity gym is a colorful farm animal place to lie and play with soft animals for the baby to reach for. Babies need to be entertained with toys and excitement, the entertaining starts at the newborn age. This is essential to the baby and mama will be so happy that one of her friends thought to give her this fab and useful gift.

The Bumbo Stages Safari Playtime is now – Babies need to play and what’s amazing about this Bumbo safari is that it converts and continues to interest a baby from the infant stage to the toddler stage. The transition happens so fast, that any mom would be beyond delighted that her baby has an abundance of toys to keep the days entertained.

The Bumbo Multiseat Three Stage Seat – When a new moms child is growing and developing, there are so many stages, and one of the necessities that a new mom needs is the multiseat three stage seat because it allows the baby to join the family at the kitchen table, it has a convenient adjustable height, soft foam cushion and a built in storage for tray, foam insert and chair straps. If a mom received this as a gift, I’m sure her intial response would be “wow so happy you thought to get me one of these, I love it.” Mom will love it, baby will love it, everyone is happy.

The Lorena Canal Rugs – These rugs are essential to any nursery because they are just beyond cuteness and is the perfect place to let kids crawl on. It’s easily machine washable, made from eco friendly 100% cotton and non toxic dyes and easily fits in your home washing machine. Kids easily crawl around, drop something, and yep a mess is made; it’s amazing to know that you’ve got a luxury rug that doesn’t demand the luxury of the dry cleaners for every cleaning phase. The rugs are a home necessity, peruse the numerous rugs available, from the tropics to the alphabet and butterflies galore.

Little Unicorn Diaper Bag – This diaper bag is for the jet set women that doesn’t want to seem as though she’s carrying a diaper bag. It’s large, perfectly compartmentalized, offers a cross body or handles like a purse and looks chic enough to accompany your fashion forward outfit. This is perfect for the fashion trend forward new mama, she will love this. Just get ready for the gushing smiles.

Little Unicorn Bibs – The cuteness of the bibs speaks for itself. But if you really need an extra reason to go for these gorgeous colorful bibs, they are 100% cotton muslin, will last mama until three years of age and have a comfy adjustable snap fit. They are high quality and mama will be happy!

The Ripple Baby Blanket By OB Designs – This hand crochet baby blanket is a must for any new mom or existing more. It is so versatile can be used on the stroller, on the cot or as a security blanket. Both mama and baby will love this one of a kind blanket. It’s super soft, comes in a cute gift box and is made from 60% cotton, 30% azlon and 10% cashmere. Baby will get used the little luxuries that mama loves!

Heart Crochet Décor By OB Designs – How cute are those hearts. They make my heart jump, they are absolutely adorable; the perfect accent to any nursery, crib or baby room. Love this, it’s the little details that a mama will appreciate.

The Moby Petunia Pickle Bottom Baby Carrier – The baby carrier is essential because most mamas love walking with their baby and feeling confident that they are close to their chest in a safe way. The Moby Petunia is perfect for both moms and dads to wear while carrying what’s dearest to their hearts.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag – First off this diaper bag even has a built in baby pad changer. Gives moms the comfort of knowing that baby will always have a clean place to lay while being changed. Second they have beautiful prints, the bag is compartmentalized to help every organized mom stay on top of everything she needs for the baby and is light weight and convenient to carry. One thing I really like about this diaper bag is that you could match it perfectly to the Moby Petunia Pickle Bottom Baby Carrier. Match your diaper bag to your carrier in fashion trend forward style. Get the new mom both, and she’ll be thrilled. Get her one and give her the idea that there is a matching carrier and she may very well jump at the opportunity to style accordingly.

Aden Anais Onesie – This one piece Kimono is the epitome of cuteness for any precious baby. When you touch the material, the first word that comes to mind after how cute it is is how well it’s made: quality. It comes with footsies and snaps that run along front and down the legs. It’s beyond cute, and baby will need plenty of outfit changes.

Aden Anais Blanket – This white label collection blanket has ostriches on one side and hearts on the other. If new mama is having a boy or likes other designs or prints, there’s so much to choose from, but what they all have in common is that each blanket features four layers of 100% cotton muslin for a soft, plush baby blanket. When it comes to your baby, every mother wants the best and quality comes first; this will be one of those gifts that a new mom will excited to receive.

Sophie The Girafe Teething Toy – When a baby starts teething it is absolutely vital that mom finds the safest most practical baby teether to give her precious baby. During this time babies need to latch onto a toy and Sophie La Girafe stimulates the five senses with sound, color, touch, smell and a soothing role. This is the perfect giraffe to accompany baby as they go through the teething stage. New moms will be glad that you discovered a gift that is both easy for baby’s to grip, and something that is a necessity for the growing baby stage.

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle – During infancy it’s very important to swaddle babies and the Zen Swaddle actually mimics mamas touch and helps babies fall asleep faster. If a baby falls asleep faster, new mama will be on cloud nine. Every new mom needs swaddles, give the swaddle that soothes both the mother and baby simultaneously. There are also really cute Zen Swaddle gift sets that come with a one piece, little hat and Zen swaddle. It’s too cute, and perfect even if you don’t know the gender. Surprise your friends with early gifts this holiday season!

Have an amazing time shopping this holiday season. Shop this post by clicking on the images above. The new mom your shopping for will love your sense of gift giving! Cheers.



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