Elevate Your Matcha Green Tea Style

Elevate Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits For More Natural Energy

Can you imagine we’re approaching April? Which means that we are only a few official months away from summer, where we could unanimously throw our sunscreens into our bag, pack a towel and leeway straight to the beach, pool or nearest splish splash. So what better way to segway into summer than with a health conscious attitude? By no means am I sharing health advice, just a new discovery I made recently. Summer is a time where our sun dresses get shorter our clothes a little lighter and our tans beautifully sun kissed. So why not Elevate a little with Elevate Matcha Green Tea drink. I discovered the drink, that comes in a little green tea bottle with less caffeine than coffee but a constant flow of energy. Interesting, I love coffee, but it’s nice to spice it up and catch up on the benefits of green tea.

What’s your drink of choice? Is it about coffee or tea? So this is what I’ve learned thus far about why Matcha green tea may be a health benefit. For one it’s supposed to burn fat all day long with it’s unique properties that promote fat oxidation. I guess you have to try it consistently to see if results actually appear. However drinking lots of Matcha and eating ten times your normal amount I assume won’t do the trick, everything in moderation. But trying new drinks and discovering new loves in the food world of breakfast, lunch and dinner is always fun. I’ve included the link here for you to check out.

Also imagine mixing Matcha Green Tea in a blender with your favorite fruits for a poolside delight while entertaining or just enjoying with a great book! When it comes to coffee, teas, and the most stylish drinks to get you summer ready, I think we should always take into consideration the enjoyment factor. After all you’d never wear a pair of shoes you didn’t like, same goes for our culinary taste buds. Cheers!

Would love to know what your go to drinks are in the morning. Coffee, tea or other drink variety?

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Elevate Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits For More Natural Energy

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