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Tweezerman during Grammy GBK Gifting Suite

What immediately comes to mind after hearing the name Tweezerman brand is essentially perfect brows. Maybe you’re favorite shape or design for the perfect brows has not yet been discovered, but an inquisitive mind always sets the stage for beauty trends to come. So with that in mind, one of the things I love about being backstage at New York Fashion Week is discovering essential trends straight from the runway. Shared with an expertise that’s really the crème de la crème of a trend forecaster. From eyeshadow pics, to eyebrow trends, how apropos is styling to framing your face with perfect brows.

I’m going to peddle back a few months because there’s definitely a lot happening at Fashion Trend Forward, but music’s flavor is always a lyrical treat and I had a blast at Grammy’s events this year. While attending the GBK Grammy Gift Lounge, Tweezerman grabbed my attention with their new collection of brushes this 2015 beauty season. Yes grab your favorite brushes and a shaving brush for your beau; treating your perfect glow with a brush set designed to frame your brows and face accordingly.

With brushes designed by Tweezerman: setting the stage for tweezing brows, expectations ran high. I’ve had the pleasure of using the foundation brush for the last two months, check out the Instagram Pics. As you’ve noticed, many times before I share I use for a couple of months to see how much I like it, and the foundation brush is absolutely fantastic. Yes you can use your fingers to apply foundation, but I’ve discovered that using a brush gives you a more finished, even look. Whether you use foundation everyday or every now and again, the foundation brush is one of those must have beauty items, I definitely recommend as an essential in your beauty drawer.

Tweezerman beauty blogger more than just eyebrows but makeup brushes 2015

Tweezerman during Grammy GBK Gifting Suite

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I’d love to know your experience with brush sets, what’s your absolute favorite item in your beauty regime? Be Beautiful, be Fashion Trend Forward and your absolute best!

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