Alexander McQueen Black Crystal Blazer Defines the Sparkle

Alexander McQueen Black Crystal Jacket 2018 Trends

A fashion designer carries vision to the runway, creates an aesthetic of style that uniquely defines the elements of creativity that brings a sense of awe to your threads. Last week I was casually walking through Saks and happened to stumble upon this gorgeous Alexander McQueen black crystal jacket that dressed the mannequin so beautifully.  The Alexander McQueen blazer just so happened to be gorgeous from every angle, and deserved one of those walk arounds, where you casually walk around the mannequin to make sure you didn’t miss an inch of style. If you’re at all into the sparkle in your step, you’ll be glad to know that this McQueen meets the sparkle challenge.

This is not your average blazer! This is your gorgeous, stunningly elegant blazer that deserves to be admired and recognized for it’s attention to detail and fall fashion goals. Sometime one must set the fashion bar high, and meet the season with the ultimate sense of style. This doesn’t meen that you must stock your closet with the most expensive couture; this means define your style, search for pieces that you like and meet your own expectations. If you’re into sparkle, and looking for a jacket that shines, search for blazers with crystals.

Alexander McQueen black crystal blazer is not for the office or any type of corporate function unless of course you’re attending a red carpet movie premiere or gala. In that case, purchase this stunning jacket, and strut your gorgeous walk of fashion envy down the star studded line. Because this blazer doesn’t come cheap, it’s a couture piece selling for six thousand plus dollars.  Be your best, sparkle and let style inspire you to be fashion trend forward.

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2018 Jacket Style Trends Alexander McQueen Crystal Blazer and Black Ruffle Top

Alexander McQueen Black Crystal Jacket 2018 Trends

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Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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