What to Wear for an Ice Skating Event where Style and Comfort is Key

Oh how I love this season, awaiting the time of year when coffee shops finally start serving eggnog lattes and peppermint once again becomes the “it” drink. It’s the sweet delights of seasonal flavors that adds spice into holiday season like prepping for both indoor and outdoor ice-skating to come into play

To be perfectly honest I haven’t gone skating in about two years and ended up going twice last week. Both times I went with friends in support of specific events, the first event I attended was the Ice at Santa Monica celebrating Winterlit grand opening on November 7, 2013 and the second event was the LA Guardians Jewish Home for the Aging charity event, Skate For The Home. Looks like ice-skating is officially not a bad way to ring in your party because a great time was had at both events.

I’m a big advocate of charities and raising money for a good cause, great cause or any cause that will navigate positivity into the world. The LA Guardians specifically target better conditions for senior citizens in old age homes, because quality of life is important in all stages of a person’s life. We boogied on the ice, ate great food, took pictures at the fun Cliques Photo Booth, and even had a round of ice bumper cars, which was a blast; its great to be able to have a good time while helping the community out simultaneously!

However both times before hitting the ice, friends called me inquiring about dressing for the ice. The Santa Monica Ice event was outside versus the Guardians which was inside. If you’re in any region other than LA that actually has a winter, dressing for either rink is probably exactly the same. However in LA where our winter nights tend to be warmer than other regions days, sometimes less is more.

Which brings me to my detailed conversations and suggestions for dressing for an ice skating event.

How to dress for an ice skating event goes as fallows!

First I suggest being warm and staying warm, the ice can be quite chilly so wool hats and gloves can keep you tender in fashion trend forward style. Comfort is always a must, since you want to have ease and flexibility in navigating the ice. You never know when you’ll want to leap into the air with double axles or handle a few spins; all eyes will be focused on not only your stylish moves but your trendy threads!

Although some people sway away from jeans, I say that these days the fabrics are so soft, you could easily move around in them. I wore my burgundy Mothers jeans and they were great. I also suggest layering for warmth because the rumors are true, it’s cold out there. I also wore a Soffe sport shirt, which was perfect because it keeps heat in; in turn keeping you nice and warm. I continued to layer with an Opening Ceremony sweater. Being confident while ice skating starts with dressing appropriately for comfort and style!

How to dress ice skating wearing Mothers Jeans, Opening Ceremony sweater and Soffe shirt.

How to dress ice skating wearing Mothers Jeans, Opening Ceremony sweater and Soffe shirt.

Fashion Trends while ice skating what to wear on the ice!

Fashion Trends while ice skating what to wear on the ice!

I Was Wearing: Mothers Jeans in Burgandy/ Marc Jacobs Bag / Opening Ceremony Sweater / Black Soffe Shirt with Hot Pink Zipper /

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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