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Getting ready for a baby is a forty week whirlwind of changes, falling in love, and accepting all your new fabulous curves. It’s a time to indulge, plan your gender reveal, baby shower, and all the little nuances that go into becoming a new mom or a mom again. We’ve all heard of the baby sprinkle by now; this is especially true if you have family or friends that are on number two, three, or four. They are sprinkling with joy, and still looking for the cutest baby shower invitations out there.

When you’re planning a party, every little detail counts, especially the baby shower invitations. This is the pre-planning phase of the party that go out before the event even takes place, it sets the tone of the party, and communicates your excitement with your guests. If you’ve seen the new Netflix show, Yummy Mummy then you know what I’m talking about, the baby shower is a big deal, and Maria made it clear that she needed to have the best, biggest baby shower out there. What ever your style is Basic Invite makes it easy to find the perfect invitation to fit the occasion.

This is why Basic Invite has amazing invitations!

1) Baby Shower Games: You can take one more responsibility off your list and forget researching baby shower games, because at Basic Invite they’re all there and ready to be ordered. Order the baby shower game or games of your choice and have enough for everyone at the party. From baby shower bingo, to get to know that tune baby, and many more, there’s something to entertain the ladies while playing can you change the diaper on the baby!

2) A Variety of Themes: From twinkle twinkle little star, to the jungle, or a tea party celebration. There is something for every mama looking to shower or sprinkle her guests with baby joy. Baby Sprinkle shower invitations read “Sprinkle with love” or join us for a baby sprinkle. There’s really something for every mama planning her baby’s special day! If mama isn’t sharing her gender or doesn’t know, pick from a variety of gender neutral invitations as your guests eagerly await the sex of your baby.

3) Baby Shower Tea Party – The baby shower tea invitations are pretty popular, because tea parties are a pretty admired route to go when planning a baby shower. I’ve gone to the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills for a tea party to shower a friend. It’s a fun daytime celebration that brings together friends, tea, scones, pastries, and maybe even mimosas for the non-pregnant friends.

4) Fully Customizable Invitations – This means that you could stick to your color scheme or play around with one online. Basic Invite allows customers to play around with unlimited color options and preview their image online everytime they customize a feature on their invitations. There’s over 180 color options giving you full control over every little detail of your invitation. This is your baby day, here you’re able to customize as you see fit.

5) Custom Samples – Now this is something that’s truly impressive. I actually haven’t seen this done before, but Basic Invite lets a customer order a sample of their invitation before they actually place an order. That means that you can see the actual invitation, feel the paper quality and know what you’re getting before ordering something that you may not have necessarily been happy with. Try before you buy!

6) Good Price Points – During pregnancy there’s so much you need to buy for your baby, that it’s only fair to try to save a little here and there. Basic invite is your choice for cheap baby shower invitations with splendid quality. Remember you can try before you buy, and get the best of the best. Baby showers are a fun time to shower, sprinkle, and let your creativity connect with your ideas.

There are so many great benefits to using these fab online invitations! Design your perfect invitations, indulge in the address capturing service, order matching thank you cards. There’s so much fun and excitement in planning your little love button’s big day.

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Enjoy the festivities, enjoy the changes, and welcome to mommyhood!

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Birth Baby Announcement Invitations Basic Invite.jpg

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