Orange you happy we spotted Alessandra Ambrosio carrying Gerard Darel Airport Style Trend

Whether you’re a super model or just modeling the next super bag, you have to keep an open mind to the fact that style is your interpretation of the way you want to appear in the current minute, second or entire plain ride. Why not appear bright? Alessandra Ambrosia has been modeling her vibrant orange Gerard Darel Simple bag in Melbourne leather as she made her way through the traveling terminals.

I’m really loving the fact that airport trends are moving away from the standard and lets face it kinda boring simple tones to extravagant brights. Whether you’re on a business trip or getting ready to jet set to the Bahamas, looking put together is definitely part of the excitement. I’m also a fan of getting something great and wearing it more than just a few times. I really like how there are multiple images of model Alessandra Ambrosia wearing the Gerard Darel bright orange. An absolute fan of bright orange, coral and pinkish grapefruit, I definitely approve of this perfect summer color trend. The supermodel has been seeing wearing it at least five times, lets toss out the notion that once is enough, shall we?

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    This girl is so gorgeous! love her fashion trends.

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