Guard A Heart Cardiac Awareness: Because Education & Health Keeps Style Active!

When it comes to style caring for the ones you love should be top priority. I was pleased to meet Rose Hancock, executive director of Guard A Heart at the GBK MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge this past weekend.

Guard A Heart takes that extra step to create a means for people to become aware of the devastation of heart disease. After all it doesn’t just attack the person suffering but all those that care to see that person well. With that in mind Guard A Heart has devised strategies to engage communities to be more health conscious and pro-active when it comes to monitoring their daily intake of activity and food.

Unlike many other ailments, a heart attack rarely has symptoms; there are usually no warnings, just devastation and sky-high medical bills, while the patient is debilitated and unable to get back to work. It’s time to take precaution and educate your mind, body and surroundings. At the GBK gifting lounge, Guard a Heart was providing on site blood tests for attendees to give them a glimpse into what their risk factor for heart disease looks like.

This is definitely a great cause, if more people become aware of the relative slight nuances that impact their daily lives in relation to heart disease then we are on track for improvement. To learn more about the organization or find ways to enhance your cardiac knowledge go to .

Education and health are what keep style active, be knowledgeable by helping yourself and the ones you love!

Guard A Heart Cardiac Awareness and Prevention Charity

Guard A Heart Cardiac Awareness and Prevention Charity

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    Interesting…I had no idea that heart disease strikes so quickly and unknowingly.

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