A stylish Way Celebs are Dropping Baby Weight While Staying Hydrated!

What new mama doesn’t want to be bikini ready for the summer season? Celebs always seem to be dropping baby weight with such ease; one can’t help but wonder what’s the secret. I definitely believe that it’s a combination of perseverance, and desire to be healthy and look ready for their new role. However the question continues to arise: how do celebs drop the baby weight so fast?

I think one must be mentally ready for a diet of any kind, feeling good is definitely part of the equation and I believe staying hydrated is a must. Celebs are becoming BKR water bottle fans; they are filling up their eco-friendly bkr bottles and staying hydrated as they get back their super star bodies.

The bkr bottles have a stylish collection inspired by the season’s runway colors, perfectly accessorizing to the occasion. Maybe that’s why the following has grown so strong, it’s a stylish way to keep hydrated for the daily errands and activities that march their way into the surprises of the day.

Mom of three, Reese Witherspoon carries a bkr bottle as well as Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, and new mom Kristen Bell. Since I’m mentioning new moms I might as well mention new toned amazingly in shape bodies. Start with a dash of motivation to be the best you; just make sure you stay hydrated in the process. Preferably in style, after all this is Fashion Trend Forward!

I’m not sure that we’ve uncovered any particular diet secrets, however water contributes to beautiful skin and a healthy glow – So drink up!

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  1. says: Brianna

    Love, Love, Love: these water bottles. Lets get one! what else are their benefits compared to other bottles?? They look completely cool! though!!

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