Once Upon A Pixi

Pixi Rose Matte last Lipstick

Once upon a time in a beauty land far away there was a rose caviar essence, beautiful array of lip color, and a celebration of glowy skin. This gorgeous way to treat your skin and pout was brought to you by Pixi. There’s a long list of reasons to indulge your skin with a skin care treatment. First it allows for you to replenish and revitalize and second you are able to find out what works for you.

The do’s and don’ts of skincare are very personal, and discovery is as much an accomplishment as actually following through. So join me on what seems like a makeup fairytale and lets explore Pixi. A while back ago, I shared that they had sent me the glow tonic that I loved. Since then I’ve received the Caviar Rose moisture serum and rose flash balm, created with rose water and olive leaf extracts to give you the glow you crave. The caviar rose moisture serum is ideal for all skin types, in the skincare game you must give it a try while anticipating results.

The gift box that Pixi sent was reminiscent of a timeless story, the giftbox had a rose gold lock that had to be unlocked first. On one side was the skin treats and the other side was a set of lip treats. I love beautiful packaging, presentation, and the glamour that is found with cosmetic purchases. You want your packaging to be just as cute as your lipstick color. Although this is not the number one requirement, it definitely doesn’t hurt as you aweee at how adorable your new compact is.

I’ve included links to products below, check it out and have a Pixi day.

Pixi Rose Gold Beauty Set Lipstick and Skincare

Pixi Skin Care Lipstick set

Pixi Rose Matte last Lipstick

Enjoy Pixi By Petra and be the sparkle in your step!

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