Juicy Couture Limited Edition New Year Charm

Happy New Year from Fashion Trend Forward!!! We’re excited for 2010’s trends, style, couture, and everything bubbly.

Perfect for the New Year, in congruence to the trendy Tiffany keys circling around stylish femmes. Juicy Couture brings you the limited edition Happy New Year’s candy cane charm. A beautiful charm attached to a key ring or bracelet will have you rock’n out with the key to your style! Juicy Couture will have you a winter wonderland charm of a good time.

Limited Edition Juicy Couture Candy Cane Charm

Limited Edition Juicy Couture Candy Cane Charm

Get the limited edition candy canes, because this highly coveted charm will definitely be Juicy!

Image Source: Saks.com

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